Precision Micro Machining Services

What is Micro Machining

Micro Machining services have a wide range of applications and are commonly used in the medical industry, aerospace, optical, electronics, military/defense, and pharmaceutical industries. These industries require higher tolerances for miniaturized and complex components.

Small parts that cannot be realized by conventional processing methods. Miniature machining is a type of machining technology, which is the process of manufacturing small parts or structures with extremely high precision. It is a manufacturing method that removes material using microscopic devices and tools, creating complex and even sophisticated parts that are invisible to the naked eye.

Tirapid is a specialist in miniature machining. We have advanced equipment, for example, milling machines, Swiss lathes, and turn machines. And equipped with first-class technical engineers. To provide you with leading efficiency, finish, and shape, overcoming the difficulties of manufacturing slightly complex geometric parts.


Capacities of Micro Machining Services

Miniature machining is also a type of precision machining that manufactures complex and precise tiny parts through smaller equipment. The following are the miniature machining techniques we provide.


Tirapid specializes in miniature 5-axis technology. Advanced  5-axis equipment enables us to provide precision and minute component machining from millimeters to microns. Through our leading five-axis machining technology, we can maintain the most precise machining in the industry even for the most precise and complex components.


Tirapid has more than 15 years of milling processing expertise, and extensive experience working on a variety of projects. Our proficiency in advanced milling techniques. enables us to manufacture precision parts with tolerances of 2-3μ.



Turning processing is a precise manufacturing process that removes material to create high-precision miniature parts. Tirapid specializes in achieving tight tolerances and superior surface finishes, catering to a variety of industries.  CNC turning technology enables us to manufacture parts with diameters below 0.1 mm.

Micro Drilling Services

Drilling uses specialized drilling tools. Such as laser drilling or wire cutting to precisely drill extremely small holes or cavities with diameters ranging from micrometers to millimeters in various materials or components.




Micro Wire EDM Services

Wire EDM is a precise and precise cutting process that erodes material by discharging a wire. Can produce a high-quality surface finish that is smooth and burn-free, requiring no additional post-processing operations.




Laser Micro Machining Services

Laser cutting is an efficient thermal separation process. Materials are precisely cut, removed, melted, or completely evaporated using a focused laser beam. Without physical contact, this innovative technique ensures cleaner and more accurate parts. Laser Machining services further increase manufacturing capabilities by enabling fast and flexible production of prototypes and custom Prototype components.

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Micro Michining Parts Series 

Tirapid is your trusted precision micro-machined parts manufacturer. We provide you with a variety of services. With flexible production capacity, it provides customization options from small batches to mass production of more than 10,000 pieces and serves more than 3000+ customers. The following is our real case

Aviation Micro Machined Parts
 Micro-Machined Copper Parts
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Precision Teflon Components
Precision CNC Machining Parts
Precision Machined Components
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Precision Parts
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Advantages of Micro Machining Services

Micro Machining provides key advantages across a variety of industries, including:

Precision: High precision and intricate detail are achieved.

Miniaturization: The ability to produce small, complex components.

Versatility: Works with a wide range of materials.

Cost-Effective: Less waste and secondary operations, lower costs.

Faster production: High-speed capability for fast turnaround.

Customization and Flexibility: Allow for quick design tweaks and customization.

Automated manufacturing process: Automated manufacturing is programmed to enable easy mass production. Reduce labor costs


Why Us

With more than 16 years of experience in CNC machining, Tirapid is a trusted brand serving customers from different countries. we have completed more than 10,000 projects and won unanimous praise from customers.

At Tirapid, we are constantly striving to advance our capabilities and are keen on new and challenging CNC miniature machining.

Whether your project has not started or is still in progress, the machinist team is ready to provide valuable insight into the materials and designs that best suit your manufacturing goals. All while meeting the exact specifications and tolerances you require.

Industry Application of Micro Machining

Machining small and complex parts is a challenging job that requires expertise and experience. With over a decade of processing expertise, Tirapid has become an industry leader.

We provide comprehensive tooling services in a variety of fields, including prototypes, toys, aerospace components, medical components, and more.




Micro Machining Material&Surface Treatment Options

mild-steel-bar-Micro machining-tirapid
Miniature Machining Material Options

Tirapid offers a variety of material machining options, details are as follows:

Metal Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, molding Steel, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Alloy Metals, etc.

Plastic Material: ABS, Acrylic, POM, PEEK, Teflon, PVC, and more.

Surface Treatment Options

Surface treatments help to change the properties or appearance of a material’s surface, making parts more durable. Tirapid offers a variety of surface treatment options to choose from. Here are some common surface treatment options:

Powder Coating
Laser Engraving
Quenching Laser
Electroless Nickel Plating

  • “I needed a prototype part and after comparing 10+ machining companies I finally found Tirapid on Google. And got in touch with Rea. I needed some custom miniature precision parts in aluminum and I needed to use CNC milling and 5-axis machining. Tirapid did what others couldn’t, and even the machining was under my budget, and the production was completed in 5 days. For those who need small parts manufacturing services, I highly recommend Tirapid. Excellent service and The quick turnaround is just an added bonus.”

    Dylan Cotton

  • ‘We had Tirapid build some widgets for us, and we were very impressed with the communication and updates we received throughout the process, and even more impressed with the final product. “We have another machine shop which near me in Chattanooga tn that makes these parts for us, but we weren’t happy with the quality, so we decided to try Tirapid, a mini mechanical company from China, and we’re so glad we did! These guys take customer satisfaction seriously. They operate more with customers as partners rather than suppliers. Fast delivery and great value for money, we will definitely be returning to Tirapid for all our future production needs.”

    James Ryning

What are the benefits of miniature machining?

Precision and Accuracy: Miniature machining can produce complex and delicate parts with great precision and accuracy. It allows the fabrication of components with Miniature or nano-scale dimensions, ensuring tight tolerances.

Versatility and Customization: Machining techniques are versatile and suitable for fabricating a variety of structures and materials. Customized processing to meet your needs.

What types of materials are used in miniature machining?

Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, steel, as well as titanium, silicon, and ceramics are common materials used in precision machining.

What are the challenges of micro machining?

Tool wear is a critical issue. The small size of the tool makes it more likely to wear and break during processing, which affects the accuracy and quality of the finished part. Regular inspection, replacement, and sharpening of knives are necessary.

Material options: Materials available for precision machining include metals, ceramics, alloys, plastic materials, and composites. However, not all materials are suitable for machining due to their intrinsic properties. Some materials may be deformed by miniature fabrication, have rough, uneven, or even tool-breaking surfaces, etc.

Tirapid is Your CNC Machining Service Partner in China.

Tirapid team has helped many partners expand their business and increase production. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote for your project!

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