Manganese Phosphating for Steel CNC machining

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Definition of Manganese Phosphating

Manganese phosphorization treatment, also known as phosphorization blackening, is to form a layer of black protective film on the surface of steel parts. Different from ordinary blackening, manganese phosphorization has more strict requirements for the surface mask thickness, and the conventional manganese phosphorization film thickness can reach “2-14um”. With strong functionality, excellent corrosion resistance, ultra-high wear resistance, beautiful appearance.Manganese phosphate color is usually black.

Types of Phosphating

  • Manganese series phosphorization is commonly used in wear-resistant lubrication treatment of steel parts, uniform appearance, no dead corners, to ensure the size tolerance requirements of CNC machining parts, and environmental protection. Manganese series phosphating is often selected by mechanical engineers in mechanical accessories.


  • Zinc phospholation is suitable for iron parts, better rust prevention effect, zinc phospholation is commonly used for powder or painting pretreatment. For example, electrophoresis, plastic spraying, and spray painting will use zinc phosphorization, which increases surface smoothness and brightness, and increases the attachment of powder and paint. Zinc phosphorinizing agent produces a large amount of chemical waste, and the treatment cost of waste residue is high. Some factories will use ceramics instead of zinc phosphochemicals, which is more environmentally friendly.
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Manganese Phosphating Price

Three methods of manganese phosphorus are usually calculated in China:

First, according to the weight of the part, if the part exceeds 1Kg per part, then the price of manganese phosphorus per kilogram is calculated.

Second, when a single part weighs less than 1Kg, the cost is calculated according to the single surface treatmentprice.

Third, when the area of CNC machining parts is greater than the weight, the cost is calculated according to the unit price of the area.

The price of manganese phosphating depends on the quality of the manganese phosphating stock solution. In Tirapid priority to ensure high quality, reasonable price, better cost performance.


Steel parts suitable for various industries, including:

Auto Parts—Auto Transmission Gear, drive shaft, piston, piston ring, pulley, pumping rod, auto cylinder liner

Fasstening fittings—M17-H16 lock nuts, bolts, washers, core, cone sleeve,elevator brake accessories

Mechanical accessories—Hydraulic integrated blocks, bearings, castings, chains, engines, steel bushings

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Manganese phosphorization operation procedure

Any process of manganese phosphating surface treatment is crucial and indispensable. In addition to high-quality raw materials, the perfect formula requires better technology to complete.


Manganese Phosphating Process VS Zinc Phosphating Process VS Brunieren (Metal Bluing)

Types Manganese Phosphating Process Zinc Phosphating Process Brunieren/

Metal Bluing

Material Steel Material Iron Material,Cold rolled sheet, Galvanized sheet, Aluminum sheet Steel Material
Type of processing technology Custom CNC Machining, custom car parts,CNC milling parts low volume products,CNC turning parts,sheet metal enclosure custom cnc milling,custom cnc parts,custom CNC turning
Appearance color Black Grey Black/Dark blue
Features & Principles A protective film is formed on the surface of metal parts to make the parts more wear-resistant and have better mechanical properties Zinc phosphating is to remove rust and oil before spraying to increase the adhesion of powder. Zinc phosphating is often used for iron materials Compared with phosphating, the cost of metal blackening is lower. Metal blackening also produces a protective film on the metal surface to prevent rust. It is often used for metal parts of nuts or bolts.
Phosphating application industry Automotive,Medical Devices Mechanical equipment,Auto parts,Household goods, Electronic appliances Automated equipment,Tools & Instruments


Materials of Manganese Phosphating

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Alloy constructional steel:


Automatic steel:

1215(Y15),12L14(Y15PB),1144(Y40Mn),1117(Y20),SUM24L,11SMn30,11SMnPb30,Steel 11SMnPb37

Die steel:



Special steel:


Bearing steel / spring steel:


Carbon steels:


What reason does manganese phosphorus change to turn yellow have? How to solve it?

Manganese phosphorization in the processing process often appear yellow phenomenon, there are several reasons will lead to this phenomenon: 1) check whether the standard liquid is high quality, do not use poor quality standard liquid; 2) phosphorization tank regularly clean; 3) table water regularly replacement.

To solve the problem of manganese phosphorization, we must do the following steps: 1) to ensure that the total acidity of the free acid reaches a certain value, 2) the meter adjustment must be effective, 3) to ensure that the free acidity can not be too high, 4) oil and rust removal must be treated clean, 5) the phosphorization time and temperature must be adjusted to the appropriate range.

What other surface problems can manganese phosphorization solve?

Manganese phosphorization has a better rust prevention effect than the traditional black, in addition, it can also solve the defects of uneven color and rust spots of the ball grinding cast titanium black.

Why does phosphoacid rust oil need for manganese phosphorylation?

Phosphochemical rust oil can bring you more benefits: 1, after phosphochemical rust oil, can make the surface of steel parts more bright, 2, can remove the parts surface oil, spots, 3, delay and salt spray time, corrosion resistance function is stronger, corrosion time up to 1-3 years, 4, soaking phosphochemical rust oil prevention operation is simple.

4.How long does it take to process manganese phosphorus?

The time of manganese phosphate processing can usually be completed in 1-2 hours.

Can Tirapid CNC manufacture provide surface thickness testing and reports of manganese phosphorization?

Yes,  Tirapid CNC Manufacture  provides the surface thickness and test reports.

Can Tirapid CNC manufactur process from steel parts?

Yes, Tirapid has enough ability to process steel parts, both equipment and engineering. Better at complex structural steel parts.


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