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What Are Prototype Parts

Prototype parts are preliminary products manufactured through various technologies according to the designer’s ideas and requirements. parts use CNC 5-axis, rapid prototyping, sheet metal fabrication, and more for part creation. Manufacturers meet the design requirements of machine equipment for parts through technology.

Its existence is the basis of standard parts. Through its performance and quality, determine whether to make necessary changes and applications in the industry. When the specifications of the prototype part meet the designer’s standard, it will become a part of the machine equipment.

Capabilities Of Custom Prototype Parts

  • rapid prototyping metal parts-Tirapid
    Rapid Prototype Parts

    The production of rapid prototype components is efficient. It provides room for modification in the production requirements and can meet the customization needs of complex parts. It is a good choice for manufacturers who have production needs in the short term.

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    Prototype CNC Milling Parts

    Prototype cnc milling components use CNC equipment to handle complex design requirements and meet tight tolerance standards. By customizing CNC prototype components, manufacturers can achieve high-quality part production.

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    Prototype Injection Molded Parts

    Prototype injection molded parts are usually one of the manufacturers’ first choices for short-term delivery due to efficient production, and injection molds can also complete large-scale parts production.

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    Prototype Sheet Metal Parts

    The operation of rapid sheet metal prototyping technology is relatively simple, which makes the production cost of prototype sheet metal parts low and has good electrical conductivity, which is suitable for applications that require electrical conductivity.

Advantages Of Prototype Parts

Reduce Risk

Designers have the flexibility to customize parts and can discover problems in part application in time, reducing the risk of part products in use.

Cost Saving

The manufacture of prototype parts can avoid rework and modification during mass production, reducing material waste and saving time and cost for manufacturers.

Rapid Output

Prototype components can meet the requirements of rapid design and manufacturing through rapid prototyping and CNC machining technologies, helping designers quickly complete product testing and put it into use.


Why Chose Us

1. Capability of rapid manufacturing. Complete the design scheme within three days, and complete the delivery of parts within seven days.
2. We have 25 years of manufacturing experience. The tolerance of parts through CNC equipment can reach +-0.02mm.
3. High-quality parts. Long service life, passed ISO9100 certification.
4. High-quality customized. Provide efficient communication online and parts inspection offline.
5. Special material supply. We can provide a variety of materials to meet your special custom needs.

Surface Treatment Of Prototype Parts



Deposit a metal layer on the surface of parts through the interaction of electricity and chemical solutions to improve the wear resistance and conductivity. Rubber prototype components typically use this finish.


Anodizing is a surface treatment commonly used in metal prototypes so that there is an oxide layer on the surface to enhance its corrosion resistance.

Chemical Etching

A surface treatment that uses a chemical solution to etch and design the required texture and graphics on the parts’ surface.

Printing And Painting

According to specific application requirements, patterns or texts are printed on the surface, which can improve its appearance or identification.


It is a surface treatment in which sand particles are sprayed under high pressure to remove surface imperfections or improve the finish.

Types Of Prototype Parts

Prototype Metal Parts

Metal prototype components have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high strength and are easy to manufacture and machine to meet high-precision design.

Aluminum Prototype Parts

Material aluminum is economical as an inexpensive and readily available metal that can handle multiple revisions during prototyping. Its machinability is also one of the reasons why it has become a popular choice for making.

Steel Prototype Parts

Steel has advantages in ductility and weldability, enabling manufacturers to quickly make or process and find problems in prototyping promptly.

Stainless Steel Prototype Parts

The stainless steel’s excellent corrosion resistance allowed it to pass prototype testing and meet the requirements for use in harsh environments.

Plastic Prototyping Parts

Plastic prototyping parts are durable and have a long lifespan. It can efficiently complete part design requirements using plastic rapid prototyping or custom plastic prototyping.

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