Custom Manufacturing for Your Projects

Tirapid offers a wide range of custom machining services for CNC machining and small batch manufacturing.

With over 15+ years of manufacturing experience in CNC machining, including CNC milling (5-axis machining), CNC turning, rapid prototyping, surface finishing and more.

You can get a quote for high volume projects in less than 4 hours. Tirapid’s team of experts will provide you with optimal manufacturing solutions.



Our Services of Rapid Prototyping and On-Demand Manufacturing


Laser Cutting / Bending / Stamping/Welding / Assembly


Anodizing/Teflon/Plating/Powder Coating/Painting

Why Is Tirapid Custom CNC Machining

Tirapid accepts customization of complex parts of all kinds, whether in small quantities or prototypes for engineering testing.

Lead times are short, supply chain response is fast, and quotes are provided within 4 hours. Strong technical team, CNC program to complete a project in 4 hours.

Tirapid is your second manufacturing shop. You can track the progress of your project at any time.


Custom CNC Machining Application

Tirapid makes machining easier by providing customized machining of parts for various industries.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Tools
  • Oil & Gas

With 15+ years of specializing in custom CNC machining, our engineers have the experience to handle all types of projects.


Upon receipt of your 3D (STEP/STP/PDF), we will provide an accurate quote within 4 hours.


Experienced mechanical engineers and excellent equipment allow us to fulfill your samples and small quantities quickly.


We perform quality control in strict accordance with ISO9001 to better utilize our capabilities and better serve your projects.


Over 8M+ customer cases have been supported for 15+ years with positive customer feedback.

One-stop factory service, no more intermediate steps, reduce your extra cost and expense.

Metal Materials Options

Conforms to DIN, ISO, ASTM. Comply with ROHS and REACH . Customized material size and types.

Non-metallic Materials Options

Global top brand material supply chain.Complies with ROHS and REACH.

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