One-stop CNC Machining
for Prototyping
One-stop CNC Machining
for Prototyping
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Custom Manufacturing for Your Projects

Tirapid provides you with CNC machining and various customized machining services for small batch manufacturing.

More than 18 years of experience in custom CNC machining manufacturing, including CNC milling (5-axis machining), CNC turning, rapid prototyping, surface treatment, etc.

You can get a cost-effective project quotation within 4 hours. Tirapid expert team provides you with the optimal manufacturing solution.


Our Manufacturing Capabilities


Meet the CNC milling production of parts of various shapes, and deliver globally within 3 days.


CNC turning can produce R0.8 shaft or bar parts. Used in various fields such as prototyping of consumer products, etc.


Mill-turn can quickly and accurately produce different structural parts. Same prototype parts, more cost-effective.


5-axis milling is the perfect solution for complex prototyping. Suitable for curved surface, and multi-faceted structure products.


EDM is suitable for precision and complex structural parts. Able to achieve high precision tolerance (+-0.005mm).


Welding is an assembly process that aids in the joining of products. Tirapid can meet the welding of different metal materials.


Deburring is crucial in prototypes and series production. Tirapid has more deburring methods and tips.



Provide a variety of surface treatment services, such as black anodizing, blue anodizing, orange anodizing, Teflon anodizing, hard anodizing, sandblasting, etc.


Ultra-precision CMM testing equipment and a professional testing team. Escort for your product quality.


Why Is Tirapid Custom CNC Machining

Manufacturing in China is the most cost-effective and accepts customization of various complex parts, whether it is a small batch or a prototype for engineering testing.

Short delivery time, fast response supply chain, materials arrive within 4 hours. CNC program completes a project in 4 hours.

Tirapid custom parts help industries such as agriculture, electric vehicles, consumer goods, industrial prototyping, aerospace and more smoothly move forward with projects. Our factory is your second manufacturing workshop. You can follow the progress of your project at any time.


Custom CNC Machining Application

Tirapid provides custom machining of parts for a variety of industries, with high precision making assembly easier.

12 years focus on custom CNC machining, our engineers have rich experience to handle all types of projects.


After getting your drawings(STEP/STP/PDF), Tirapid will provide accurate quotations within 4 hours.


Experienced workers and excellent equipments allow us to complete your samples and low volume quickly.


Original manufacturing and high quality QC, more better to our capabilities and more better for your projects.


In the past 10 years, over 10k customer cases supported, and received positive comments from them.

Reduce extra costs and expenses by cutting out middlemen.

Metal CNC Machining

We provide machining of various metal materials, suitable for aluminum, titanium alloys, stainless steel, brass, and more. The minimum accuracy can reach +/-0.001mm.

Plastic CNC Machining

We provide processing of plastic products for excellent precision, mechanical properties, and repeatability. Available for 3-axis, 5-axis CNC milling, CNC turning, and rapid prototyping.

Custom CNC Machining Solutions

Turning your ideas into a reality. Tirapid provided one-stop custom CNC machining service, from samples to low-volume manufacturing or mass production.


For prototyping, within 4 hours quotation, custom CNC machining and 3D print service, 3 days leading time avilable.


10-50 pieces, the delivery time is generally 7-10 days, 50-200 pieces, and the delivery time is 10-15 days.


Custom CNC machining, precision 5-axis machined support parts tolerances, OEM/ODM accepted.

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