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CNC Cutting Services in China

What is CNC Cutting?

CNC cutting is programmed through a computer and cut according to the program path. It is a frictional process, and its precision requirements are not high, so the cost is relatively low.

Tirapid does not have any hidden fees, after the order is completed, it can arrive at your destination in 3-7, using the safest packaging method to ship for you.

Types of CNC Cutting

  • CNC-Plasma-Cutting-tirapid

    CNC plasma cutting is one of the most delicate, widely used, efficient, and versatile processes that can easily cut thick and heavy materials. Can cut a variety of metal materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, etc


  • CNC-Plasma-Cutting-tirapid

    CNC Laser Cutting is performed by moving a CO₂, YAG, or fiber-driven laser cutting head over the workpiece using a CNC gantry system. CNC Laser Cutting is ideal for producing high-quality parts because the cutting is very precise and fast.


  • Oxy-fuel-Cutting-tirapid

    Oxygen-fuel Cutting is suitable for cutting scrap steel with significant thicknesses and long sizes, such as large scrap steel plates, steel castings, waste boilers, scrap steel structure frames, etc. It can play a more flexible and convenient role in dismantling scrap cars and old ships.

Why choose our sevices

No MOQ requirement

There is no minimum MOQ for the order quantity, a prototype custom or small batch manufacturing can serve you


 Free quotes within hours

After receiving your drawings (3D or PDF), Tirapid will provide accurate quotations and processing solutions within 4 hours


Provide material reports

All orders are provided with material proof and dimensional inspection report, fully in line with the drawing requirements


Sign a non-disclosure agreement

Safe production in Tirapid without worrying about the risk of your designs being stolen

Materials Of CNC Cutting

  • Stainless-Steel-CNC-parts-tirapid

    Stainless steel has the metal qualities of wear resistance, high ductility, and corrosion resistance, and is easy to weld, polish, and machine. Daily use in household goods, auto parts, medical equipment, building materials, chemicals, food industry, agriculture, ship parts, and more.

  • Aluminum-Plate-CNC-milling-product

    Aluminum has low density, light weight, corrosion resistance, and good electrical conductivity and ductility.

    There are many uses in food processing equipment, aircraft and automotive structures, cookware, ships, and more.


  • Plywood-tirapid

    Plywood is a versatile, artificially invented technical wood. Plywood has strong resistance to cracking, shrinkage, twisting, and general high strength properties, which are indispensable in many applications such as toys, crafts, furniture manufacturing and interior design.

  • Carbon-Steel-Cutting-tirapid

    Carbon Steel is the most common metal in the construction and machinery industries. Carbon steel is so popular because of its relatively low cost.



How many days will CNC Cutting cutting parts take to be delivered?

After receiving your official contract, parts can be dispatched within a minimum of 7 days, and your prototype or parts can be received in about 10 days.

What's the difference between CNC cutting and laser cutting?

The most obvious feature of CNC Cutting is that it cuts through direct physical contact. CNC machine tools are controlled by computer numerical control, and the work by the set programming path belongs to automation.

Laser Cutting machines are very similar to CNCCutting in that they follow a pre-programmed path but operate very differently. Laser cutting works through the output of high-power lasers through optical devices.

What are CNC cutting tools made of?

Typically carbide tools are made by sintering carbide with another metal, like titanium, tungsten, or tantalum, giving these tools high heat resistance and making them ideal for high-quality surface finishes.

what is the Advantage Of CNC Cutting?


Its automation using CNC laser cutting or CNC routers ensures that everything is produced in a precise manner. It cuts the material exactly into the shape and size you need.

high security

The CNC cutting machine is designed by a computer program, so it is very safe and convenient to use. It is not controlled by humans, thus reducing the occurrence of accidents.

CNC laser cutting and CNC routers come with safety measures to prevent operator accidents in the industry.

Reduce labor costs

The more manpower you put in, the more money you’ll spend. With the introduction of CNC cutting machines, labor costs can be reduced because most of the process is automated. It is cost effective.

Reduce turnaround time

Use CNC cutting machine services to quickly increase production capacity. Allows you to cut parts in a fraction of the time and enhance your service.


It is a permanent flexible cut using CNC equipment. Different types of materials, such as steel and metal, can be precisely cut using different programs.

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