Metal Material-Aluminum Machining

Aluminum Machining High machinability and ductility, good strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum alloys have good strength-to-weight ratio, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low density and natural corrosion resistance. Can be anodized.

Aluminum Machining In Tirapid

Cost & Fast Feedback

Cost-effective and get a free quote within 4 hours

Delivery Time

7-10 days for sample and low volume production


High quality assurance, got ISO9001 quality certification


Chamber wall thickness:0.5 mm
Tolerance:±0.01 mm (±0.00039 inch)

Aluminum Processing Capabilities of TiRapid


Excellent mechanical properties, high precision and repeatability, better performance than cast parts

Max. Parts Size

CNC Milling:L800*W800 *H200mm ; CNC Turning:Ø200xL600mm


CNC machining is available for metal and plastic production, with parts that achieve excellent accuracy, mechanical properties and repeatability. Available in 3-axis, 5-axis CNC milling and CNC turning.

Aluminum Machining Materials

Aluminum 6061|AlMg1SiCu|6061/A96061

Aluminum 6061 Category:Industrial aluminum

Advantages of Aluminum 6061:T6 is the regular aluminum alloy model. Excellent processing performance, good oxidation treatment effect.

Weaknesses of Aluminum 6061:The strength of aluminum 6061 is average, not as good as 2 series and 7 series aluminum alloys

Aluminum 6061 for CNC machined parts:Such as automation equipment parts, aviation aluminum products, automotive aluminum products, testing equipment aluminum products, precision rapid molds, agricultural drone parts, textile machinery parts, mobile robot parts, electronics and precision instruments


Aluminum 7075|AlZnMgCu1.5/3.4365 DIN172.1|7075/A97075

Aluminum 7075 Category: Industrial aluminum

Advantages of Aluminum 7075: High strength, good anodic oxidation reaction, good machinability

Weaknesses of Aluminum 7075: Corrosion resistance is normal

Aluminum 7075 for CNC machined parts: Precision mechanical equipment parts, mold parts, foam molding molds, precision fixtures, dewaxing molds, golf ball heads, blow molding bottle molds, shoe molds, ultrasonic plastic welding molds, aerospace parts, industrial equipment parts, bicycle frames


Aluminum 5052|A1Mg2.5

Aluminum 5052 Category: Rust-proof aluminum


Advantages of Aluminum 5052: Good tensile strength, strong corrosion resistance, good welding performance, suitable for gas welding, arc welding, spot welding, brazing


Weaknesses of Aluminum 5052: Poor solderability and poor machinability after annealing


Aluminum 5052 for CNC machined parts: Ship sheet metal parts, rivets, instrumentation, aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, aviation CNC parts

Aluminum 6082|AlSi1MgMn|EN AW-6082

Aluminum 6082 Category: Industrial aluminum

Advantages of Aluminum 6082: Able to heat treat and strengthen the aluminum alloy material, can replace the steel parts, good corrosion resistance

Weaknesses of Aluminum 6082: medium intensity

Aluminum 6082 for CNC machined parts: Small ships, ship boards, aircraft landing pads, auto parts, building components, optical instruments, bicycles, rail cars, etc.


Aluminum 6063|AlMg0.7Si|AlMgSi0.5

Aluminum 6063 Category:Industrial aluminum

Advantages of aluminum 6063:Good wind pressure resistance, good assembly performance, better decorative performance, good electroplating performance, is a typical extrusion alloy

Weaknesses of Aluminum 6063:Average hardness

Aluminum 6063 parts for CNC machining:Aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall frames, furniture, elevators, home appliances, decorations, picture frames, building profiles,and more.


Aluminum 2024|AlCu4Mg1|AlCuMg2

Aluminum 2024 Category: Duralumin

Advantages of Aluminum 2024: Aluminum 2024 has high strength and good machinability

Weaknesses of Aluminum 2024: Aluminum 2024 has poor corrosion resistance

Aluminum 2024 parts for CNC machining: Such as aircraft structures, rivets, missile components, truck hubs, propeller components, truck hubs, missile components and other aviation CNC machining aluminum parts

Aluminum 5083|AlMg4.5Mn0.7|AlMg4.5Mn

Aluminum 5083 Category: Rust-resistant aluminum alloy

Advantages of Aluminum 5083: 5083, also known as high magnesium alloy, is corrosion-resistant and has a beautiful surface after anodizing.

Weaknesses of Aluminum 5083: Material price is higher than ordinary 6 series aluminum

Aluminum 5083 parts for CNC machining: Refrigeration equipment, drilling equipment, missile parts, TV towers, transportation equipment, aircraft welding parts, auto parts, fixtures, mechanical parts


Aluminum 2017|AlCu4MgSi|AlCuMg1

Aluminium 2017 Category: Duralumin

Advantages of Aluminum 2017: Aluminium 2017 is the first hard aluminium. High strength and heat resistance. Higher forming force.

Weaknesses of Aluminium 2017: Small scope of application

Aluminum 2017 Parts for CNC Machining: Mechanical parts, rivets, especially equipment parts

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