Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping Fabrication

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  • anodized-black-aluminum-box-base
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  • anodized-black-aluminum-box
  • anodized-black-aluminum-box-base
  • anodized-black-aluminun-bracket
  • anodized-black-aluminum-box-before-shipping

Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping

Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping is the fastest solution for converting designs into products. Production is fast, raw materials are readily available, and the equipment used is versatile. Parts from simple to complex structures can be produced in less than 48 hours.

From one piece to dozens of pieces is the most suitable quantity for rapid prototyping. Catering to a wide range of metal raw materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and cold rolled steel.

Just a Few Steps!Get Your Sheet Metal Prototyping

Step 1 : Review Prototype Drawings
  • Manufacturability (DFM) analysis
  • Design machining program and calculate material size
  • Prepare production cutters and tools
Step 2 : Machining Production
  • Inspection of raw material dimensions
  • Start production and commission the first sample
  • Continuous inspection during production
Step 3 : Quality Inspection
  • Inspection of first piece samples
  • Finished product inspection before shipment
  • Produce product test reports
Step 4 : Packaging and Delivery
  • Design suitable packaging program
  • Finish packing and packaging
  • Deliver to courier company and arrange shipment

Why You Should Trust Tirapid Manufacturing

✔✔ Customize sheet metal prototypes with Tirpid without any turnaround.

✔✔ One-stop shop for all processes: laser cutting – bending – welding – surface finishing – assembly.

✔✔ Reliable supply chain system: raw material arrives within 4 hours, 3-day delivery worldwide.


Options for Sheet Metal Materials

Thin sheets with a material thickness of 0.24inch (6mm) or less are suitable for sheet metal prototyping, common materials such as:

Steel Plate               Aluminum Plate

Copper Plate          Stainless Steel Plate 

Sheet Metal Surface Finishing

A wide range of surface finishing technologies are available:

  • Painting

  • Powder Coating

  • Electroplating Zinc

  • Silk Screen Printing

  • “The team at Rapid Sheet Metal was able to quickly produce the parts we need for our new product line. Their knowledge of different materials and processes was very helpful in getting our prototype parts made quickly and accurately.”
    John Brooks
  • “We’ve been using Rapid Sheet Metal for our prototyping needs for years. Their quick turnaround and high-quality parts have helped us get our products to market faster than our competitors.”
    Jane Smith
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