CNC Machining In POM

POM is an engineering thermoplastic used for precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. Plastic POM is suitable for the processing of plastic parts, especially widely used in CNC processing. POM components include automation equipment, electronics, automotive industry, laboratory equipment, medical equipment, pump casings, bearing rings and bearing rollers, and more.



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Tirapid Machining Advantage


Chamber wall thickness:0.5 mm
Tolerance:±0.01 mm (±0.00039 inch).

Cost & Fast Feedback

Cost-effective and get a free quote within 4 hours


High quality assurance, got ISO9001 quality certification

Delivery Time

5-7 days for sample and low volume production

Plastic Materials (POM)

POM Machinability:POM is a smooth surface, the hardest plastic material, divided into POM-H and POM-C. POM is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with good friction resistance. The most commonly used colors in POM Machining are Black POM, True Color POM, and White POM.

POM, also known as Saigang, as the name suggests, shows that the hardness of POM is very hard



POM | POM-H | Delrin

Machining Delrin parts, the common material brands of Ti Rapid are the plastic materials of DuPont in the United States and Ensinger in Germany.Plastic POM conforms to the highest international standards.

Delrin has a smooth surface after processing, maintaining the original gloss and uniform color of the plastic material.

POM Applications and Max. Parts Size

Applications of POM

CNC machining is available for metal and plastic production, with parts that achieve excellent accuracy, mechanical properties and repeatability. Available in 3-axis, 5-axis CNC milling and CNC turning.

Max. Parts Size:

CNC Milling:L800*W800 *H200mm
CNC Turning:Ø200xL600mm



POM | POM-C | Acetal

The density of POM is 1.42g/cm3, which is much smaller than that of plastic ABS. The deformation of the size after CNC machining is smaller than that of other plastic materials. POM is more suitable for CNC machining.Acetal and Delrin are widely used in CNC machining and can be seen in various valves, nozzles, impellers, and instrument buttons.

Material Type Performance Color Specification(mm) Application Place Of Origin


Food Grade,

Environmental Grade,

Medical Grade

Density 1.41


True Color,





Vehicle body parts,

Ignition coil bobbin,


Medical equipment

Europe and the United States




Food Grade,

Environmental Grade,

Medical Grade

Density 1.43


True Color,




Insulating cover,

Exhaust system components,

Motorcycle ignition

Europe and the United States





POM Machining

POM 3D Printingsuitable for plastic parts with complex structure and low dimensional tolerance requirements, suitable for proofing or low-volume manufacturing. The most commonly used material is Delrin, Delrin 3D Printing is more popular.

Custom CNC MillingPart structure suitable for plastic sheets, processed by 3 aix milling, 4aix milling, and 5aix milling machines, suitable for proofing or low-volume manufacturing

CNC Turning: Parts suitable for plastic rod or tube structures, processed by CNC lathes, suitable for proofing or low-volume manufacturing

Injection molding: suitable for simple structures, batches of plastic parts, using injection molding machines.

In addition to the processing of POM plastic materials, Ti Raid can also do other better materials for you, such as CNC ABS plastic, nylon CNC machining, CNC aluminum parts, custom stainless steel parts, and custom brass parts.

Whether it is arapid prototype of a piece or a low-volume CNC manufacturer, we can help you solve quality and cost problems, provide your drawings and design solutions, and get a instant quotation within 4 hours. Ships within a week at the earliest.

Shortcoming of POM

Compared with aluminum materials, POM is more difficult to control the dimensional accuracy of parts duringCNC milling and turning, and POM materials will change with temperature.

The hardness of POM material is greater than other plastics, so the material elasticity is not as good as other plastic materials


Advantages of POM

Compared with other plastics, POM has better fatigue resistance, suitable for plastic gear parts

POM has low water absorption and is not sensitive to moisture during molding

The flow performance of POM injection molding is better

POM plastic is not resistant to impact, is a strong acid, and is a strong oxidant

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