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What Is Small Batch CNC Machining?

Today, with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, many companies will find that maintaining high-cost, high-volume CNC services is a big problem.

If you are considering a low-volume processing plant that can offer cheap price solutions without compromising product quality, consider Tirapid experts as your low-volume manufacturer for this purpose.

Tirapid can have enough opportunities to fight for the best cost performance for you, retain your processing needs, and provide you with personalized small-batch CNC processing services.

Small Batch Product Display

The following services are all carried out in small batches, and as long as your project permits, we can provide the best materials and services.


Tirapid experts provide a full range of services in the customization of plastic parts, can solve the problem of thermal effects caused by material selection, and provide the most effective processing solutions for your small batch customization projects.


Tirapid experts use 5-axis milling machines to process small batches of wheel milling parts, which can perfectly fit the contour and size standards of wheel parts according to customers’ customized requirements.


Prototype parts require constant revisions for testing, but small batches of CNC machining can afford your project’s material waste and testing costs.


Custom Lathe Parts

In the face of customer orders for small batches of lathe parts, rapid can accurately process different lathe parts, such as screws, bearings, bushings, etc., through fast CNC machining machines.


Custom CNC Aluminum Parts

The purchase cost of aluminum parts is low and there are aluminum 6063, aluminum 6082, aluminum 2024, and other models to choose from. CNC machining of aluminum parts for small batch orders is easy to achieve precise cutting conditions by laser or milling.

Custom CNC Metal Milled Parts

Tirapid can meet your needs in terms of metal material types. Different metals also have an enormous range of application services after milling and can achieve a precise tolerance of +/-0.01 mm.

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What Is The Reason For The Existence Of Small Batch CNC Machining?

Flexible To Meet Needs

The small batch service allows market customers to propose unique customized conditions to Tirapid on demand, enabling us to provide flexible services for such customers.

Alleviate Cost Pressure

The cost of large-scale CNC has cost pressure on small customer groups, which is not conducive to their development, but Tirapid’s small-volume services can provide them with cost considerations and planning.

Accurate Quality Control

The quality control of small batch CNC machining can get the detailed attention of machinistss, and Tirapid can guarantee 100% perfect quality of real-time detection.

Add Test Result Outcome

Small batch CNC machining can quickly complete the overall test feedback in the prototype test, correct mistakes in time for the design situation, and reduce unnecessary risks.

Why Choose Tirapid

-The strict tolerance of ±0.01mm is the professional precision

-ISO9001 quality certification is the safety standard we have always achieved

-800 kinds of material styles are the personalized choices we have always provided

-The manufacturing speed of 3 days is the efficiency requirement we have been implementing

-1 to 1 service assistance is the exclusive guidance we have always supported

-1000+ service examples are the best proof that we have always been an excellent manufacturer in China


Materials for Small-batch CNC Machining

Generally speaking, plastic nylon, PVC, and acrylic are the materials for small-batch processing projects.

Metals, including low-cost aluminum or rigid materials, can be processed by CNC. Of course, the choice of materials does not stop there.

Teflon, brass, and titanium materials are also options for small-batch CNC machining.

The above materials also include hundreds of different grades of materials for you to choose freely. Tirapid offers a platform to shop directly with suppliers to reduce your low-volume CNC machining costs

Surface Treatments options

Tirapid experts suggest that you choose the most suitable process from the following post-processing according to the project situation:






Silk Screen



Processing Parameter

Rapid traverse speed: 25,000-38,000 mm/min.

Spindle Power: 5-30 HP (or 3.7-22 kW).

Tool overhang: up to 4 times the tool diameter.

Tool Engagement: 75-90% recommended.

What Are The Technical Services For Small Batch CNC Machining?

CNC Drilling servies-tirapid
CNC Drilling

The CNC drilling service of the Tirapid team is aimed at plastics, metals, and composite materials, and can provide various depths, precisions, and sizes of holes through technical control.

CNC Turning

Tirapid experts have undoubted experience in turning low-volume CNC machining projects, making it easy to maintain quality standards for round or cylindrical projects.

5-Axis Milling

Tirapid experts have state-of-the-art 5-axis mill-turn tooling, working through CAD tools and machine tools to achieve tight tolerances of ±0.00039″.

Laser Cutting

CNC laser cutting allows your project to be boldly individualized in materials and design in low-volume CNC machining projects and produce results with fractions of a millimeter precision to your individual needs.


EDM can target high-hardness metal titanium or steel, without cutting contact through the tool but without affecting the accuracy requirements.In particular, small batches of plastic prototype processing will not cause material damage due to thermal effects.

  • “This is my first attempt at international collaboration. Very perfect ! They helped me complete 120 parts in 3 days. The size and appearance are very beautifully done. In fact, there are many local partners in the UK. We had to give up suppliers near me because of the price. Tirapid Manufacturer is a very trustworthy machining shop.”

  • “Tirapid’s CNC machining efficiency surprised me! The processing of the small batch of rapid prototyping parts we requested only took one day to complete the order. The processing time of the nearby manufacturers I found before was relatively long, which was a waste of time. We hope to cooperate with Tirapid for a long time!”

Tirapid is Your CNC Machining Service Partner in China.

Tirapid team has helped many partners expand their business and increase production. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote for your project!

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