Consumer Goods & Consumer Product Prototyping Manufacturing

Prototypes for consumer products can help you optimize product designs and concepts, and make improvements by discovering more detailed problems through assembly and testing.

Through the prototype product, you can see the product’s structure, rather than 3D simulation. It can analyze whether the product structure is suitable for mass production, discover more uncontrollable risks, and reduce cost waste after being put into production.

According to the functional and structural requirements of consumer products, a variety of materials can be selected. Metal materials: copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, steel, titanium, etc. Plastic material: Acrylic, Teflon, UHMW PE, PEEK, POM, PVC, etc. All can be used to create consumer product prototypes.

What Types of Consumer Product Prototyping Does Tirapid Offer?

Tirapid has 16+ years of experience in production and processing and is well aware of the technical requirements of parts in different industries. Our technical team can complete multiple new projects accurately and quickly, and get the shortest time to market for your products. We can meet the following consumer product application fields, but not limited to the following categories.


Custom Flashlight Housing

Households & Furnitures

Furniture Decorative Cover

Light Accessories

Indoor Wall Lamp Panel

Musical Instruments

Saxophone Mouthpiece

Cell Phone Accessories

Cell Phone Holder

Toys - CS

Anodizing Silencer Parts

Cell Phone Accessories

Cell Phone Holder

Electrical Products

Aluminum Alloy Radiator

delrin-anchor-roller-replacement wheels-tirapid
Boat Supplies

Delrin Anchor Roller Replacement Wheels

9 Products Found.

Advantages of Consumer Product Prototyping Manufacturing

Precision level of assembly

Consumer product prototype parts have specific requirements for accuracy to perfectly match the required assembly. The machining accuracy of Tirapid can meet +-0.1mm. Prototype parts are quickly put to field testing.

Flexible Design Conditions

CNC machining enables consumer product prototype parts to have diverse designs. Meet the professional requirements and detailed processing of different industries and fields through 5-axis milling or turning technology.

Efficient development efficiency

Tirapid is not limited to mass customization quantities of prototype parts for consumer products. Through the 24-hour operation of the prototype processing equipment, mass production can be completed quickly.

Reduced Development Costs

Prototyping enables you to identify and correct design flaws and problems early in the development process, reducing the likelihood of costly changes later. In the long run, this can significantly save labor and time costs.

Tirapid consumer product prototype parts manufacturing

Tirapid has always been a manufacturer with keen insight into the consumer product market. Providing CNC manufacturing solutions for countless consumer product prototype projects.

At Tirapid, 3~5-axis milling and CNC turning equipment resources can help you overcome design and scenario testing challenges. We focus on our customers’ development needs and use efficient and precise CNC manufacturing processes to quickly customize products for you. From prototype design to production delivery, it only takes 3 days at the fastest.

No need to worry about quality issues, all products can be confirmed before shipment. Clearly show every detail and appearance of the product. Provide accurate CMM measurement reports. What you see is what you get.


Tirapid is Your CNC Machining Service Partner in China.

Tirapid team has helped many partners expand their business and increase production. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote for your project!

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