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Machining complex steel parts and high-precision products

About Steel Parts Machining

The steel parts manufacturing process is the most common processing technology in modern manufacturing. Manufacturers can easily achieve ODM and custom production. It can fully meet the strict tolerances and perfect surfaces required by customers.

Tirapid has been handling the front end of steel fabrication after 15 years of technical precipitation. The excellent technical team has won unanimous praise from customers.

Steel Products Series


Custom steel components are available in a wide range of applications. Products generally have a unique design concept. Often chosen by professional mechanical engineers.Steel Turned Parts.


Precision machined parts require skilled technicians and advanced CNC equipment. Usually used for demanding mechanical instruments and automobiles, etc.


Steel turning parts, easy to turn, have stronger hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment.


Steel Stamping Parts

Stamped parts are ubiquitous, and stamped steel parts are dimensionally stable and suitable for low-volume manufacturing or high-volume manufacturing.

Deep-Drawn-Stamping-Steel-tirapid Parts
Deep Drawn Stamping Steel Parts

Deep-drawing steel parts have higher strength, more beautiful appearance, no need for welding, one-time forming of shape, and good sealing performance.

Steel Casting Parts

When the steel prototype test is qualified, the product can be mass-produced, and the steel casting can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost and production time.

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Advantages of Manufacturing Steel Parts

Low Cost    

Tirapid has high-quality processing technology, reducing the processing cost and scrap rate of steel.

 High Hardness   

Not easy to deform and has good cutting performance. The hardness after quenching and tempering is often 20-40HRC.Commonly used in milling tools, turning tools and other machining tools.

High Toughness  

High toughness steel is very suitable for CNC machining and bending processes, and is often processed into gear and shaft parts, parts with curved structures.

Excellent Seismic Performance  

Suitable for large equipment and mechanical parts, with better stability,Often used in mold parts, automation equipment flat panels.


Steel Parts Fabrication Solutions at Tirapid


Tirapid is suitable for various machining methods: CNC milling, CNC turning, 5-axis CNC, laser cutting, CNC bending.

Our experts choose the most suitable machining process for your design with the lowest cost and shortest machining time.

Whether it’s a quick prototype, or a low volume of more than 10 pieces, we’re competent to deliver a satisfactory product.

In terms of quality, an expert will test each product for you, and it will be delivered to the world within 7 days.

Metal Grades for Steel Materials

Commonly used carbon steel grade table:
Steel 12L14 Excellent machinability, Applied to pipe joints, steel thorn, spring seat cushion surgical, and dental surgical instruments.
Steel 4140 4140 steel toughness, high fatigue strength, and high torsional strength. Applied to wheels, crankshafts, gears, billet parts
Steel 4130 4130 is easy to cold work, hot work, and forge, but cannot be aged. commonly found in round tubes or bars in structural applications in aircraft and buildings.
Tool steel High hardness, strength and wear resistance, commonly used in swaging dies, cutting tools and die tools.
Steel 1018 Available of cold-rolled steels
Steel A36 A36 is easy to weld by all welding processes. Riveted, bolted, and welded structures for bridges and buildings.
Steel 1008 1008 cold-rolled steel is easy to form, moderately stretched, and suitable for home appliances and furniture.
Steel 718 From Sweden. It is often used in the manufacture of large plastic molds, such as automobiles and home appliance plastic parts. The hardness can be up to 52HRC.

Suitable for ODM Manufacturing in Different Industries

Steel Automotive Parts

Auto steel parts have a long service life and high strength, and the parts include: brake pedals, chassis, load-bearing brackets, etc.

Farm Machinery Parts

Mechanical primary and secondary shafts, which require higher hardness materials to complete.

Steel Prototypes

Steel prototypes are applied to a variety of processes, and sheet metal fabrication is a very flexible process that can produce tens of thousands of prototypes.

Steel Chainsaw Parts

Steel prototypes are used in various processes. Sheet metal fabrication is a very flexible process. Tens of thousands of prototype structures can be produced.

Precision Steel Part Parameters

Materials 8620,A36,12L14,A513,1008,C1010,C1018,C1141,C1045,C1144
Tolerance +/-0.01mm
Surface Finish Customize
Processing CNC Milling,CNC Turning,4-Axis Milling,

5-Axis Milling,Rapid Prototype,Stamping Steel

Minimum Stroke L2mm *W2mm*H2mm
Maximum Stroke L800mm*W600mm*H300mm
Quality Control NDA,Test report, Material certification report
Application Parts Machinery Parts, Pulleys, Wheel Nuts, Disc Brake Pistons,

Hydraulic Fittings, Crankshafts, Gear Rings, Mounting Plates, Brackets,Main Shaft,Flanges



  • “Because the project delivery time was very short, we didn’t find a more suitable China  factory, but Tirapid did it and finished my design well, thank them very much.”

  • “Thank you, we will strive for more orders for you. The excellent quality makes our project very satisfied, good job!”

  • “We have received the most perfect steel parts. This is the only manufacturer of steel parts I have found in China that does a good job. Perfect knife lines and no traces of hand grinding.”

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