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5-Axis Machined Parts

5-axis machined parts can be obtained through 5-axis machining.5-axis CNC linkage is a processing technology for the simple processing of complex parts. It is a difficult machining job that requires a very high level of expertise from specialists.

After fixing one side of the part, the processing of several other sides is completed at one time. This is the processing method with the lowest input cost in machining and CNC manufacturing.

Parts of 5-Axis CNC Machining


Aviation Impeller Machining, Automotive Turbine Machining, Compressor Impeller Machining, Supercharger Impellers.


Oil Pans,Engine Block,Engine Case Cover,Custom Motorcycle Parts,Customized Auto Parts.


5 axis CNC mill Custom Electrical Enclosures,Custom Impeller Parts,Light guides,Custom Racing Parts,Custom Micro Machined Parts.

Curved Parts

5-axis Machined Parts Medical Device Stand,Angular Cuts,Blades.

Machined Enclosures

5-Axis Machined Parts Electronic Enclosure,Aluminium Enclosure.

Circular or Cylindrical Parts

5-Axis Machined Parts :Wheels,Machinery Shafts,Submarine.

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Why chose Tirapid For 5-Axis Machined Parts

  1. 24-hours production capacity
  2. Passed ISO9001:2015 quality certification
  3. Excellent professional 5-axis machining team
  4. The machining accuracy can reach +/-0.01mm
  5. 5-axis machined parts receive the product within 7 days


Advantages of 5-Axis Machined Parts

  • Unlimited possible manufacturing part sizes and complex shapes
  • Improve the accuracy and shape tolerance of parts
  • Simplify the number of clamping and improve production efficiency
  • Reduce the cost of cutting tools


5 Axis Machining Processing Skills

Complete an excellent 5-Axis Machined Parts processing requires professional mechanical engineers and professional equipment.

The experience of the mechanical engineer determines the quality of the program, whether it is a rapid prototyping or low-volume manufacturing, the machining program is critical. An excellent 5-axis CNC program can reduce the time cost and quality cost of machining.

Only high-precision equipment can complete high-precision parts, which eliminates the need for secondary processing and improves product quality.

Tirapid can provide the quality and price you want, please contact our mechanical engineers.


Custom Precision 5-Axis Machined Parts Parameters

Materials Aluminum606(7075,2017),Steel,Titanium,Copper,stainless steel(304,316L)
Tolerance +/-0.02mm
Surface Finish Anodizing,Electroless nickel plating,Painting,Electroplating
Processing CNC Milling-5-axis machined,3+2 machined,4+1 machined
Minimum Stroke 2mm*2mm*2mm
Maximum Stroke 600mm*500mm*400mm
Quality Control NDA,Test report, Material certification report
Application Automotive,Electronics,Medical Devices,Robotics



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