Excellent Medical CNC Machining Services in China

CNC Machining in Medical Device

In the field of medical devices, CNC machining technology is ideal for developing precision medical devices. Advanced CNC machining technology humanizes the manufacture of medical devices.

Tirapid provides customized services for medical devices and medical parts. In order to meet the complexity of medical equipment, the development needs of high precision, intelligence and speed have always been the main development direction of Tirapid team CNC medical equipment processing.

Tirapid always offers the best CNC machined medical products at the lowest prices.

Methods of Medical CNC Machining

Tirapid provides a variety of medical device parts processing technology

5 Axis Machining
CNC Turnin
CNC Milling
CNC Cutting
Wire EDM
Precision Maching
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Advantages Of Medical Machining

Tirapid has good qualities in proficiency, formalization, and witness. Competitive pricing to build and deliver advanced long-term partnerships. Accelerate delivery with reliable project management. Effective communication and cooperation throughout.

Provide customers with cost-effective solutions, serving 30+ European and American companies

Pass ISO9001:2015 ,material quality assurance, provide the quality certificate, can provide imported high-quality materials

The product has strict high-precision tolerances, can be customized, and the confidentiality work is strict.

Full-time inspection personnel, a full inspection of shipments, and provide inspection reports


CNC Medical Parts Applications:

Surgical plate
Surgical medical supplies
Endoscope parts
Surgical instruents
Components for spinal fixation
Bone fixation
Parts for medical pumps
MRI scanners

CNC Machining Medical Parts Capabilities

Metals materials include

Steel, Stainless Steel(SS304 and SS316), Aluminum, Titanium, Titanium alloy, Brass, Magnesium,Copper, Zinc,and more.

Plastic materials include:

Nylon, PEEK, PVC, POM,ABS,PAGF30, PCGF30,and more.

3Axis-4-Axis Machining-centrifuge-tirapid
ustom Colors:

Red, Natural, Blue, Black, yellow, Green, White, Silver, and more colors.

The ability of Surface Finishing:

Brushed, polishing, anodizing, oxidation, electrophoresis, sandblasting, laser carving,plating,chromate,powder coating,manganese phosphating and painting.

Typical Medical Machined Parts

AL7075 CNC Machining Parts


At Machined Al6082 Parts
SS316L CNC Milling Parts
Brass Milling Products
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