Efficient- Low- Volume -Manufacturing -Services- in -China
Efficient Low-Volume Manufacturing Services in China

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Low-volume manufacturing is a professional custom processing service that is an important process after rapid prototyping and before mass production. Through the verification of low-volume products, the purpose of testing the performance and structural rationality of the products is achieved, and the number

ranges from 10 to tens of thousands.

Tirapid low-volume manufacturing can quickly complete your product design within a week.

We have a variety of processing technology-related services, wire EDM cutting, oxide color, electroplating nickel, manganese phosphating, etc.



CNC-Milling- Services-Tirapid
Tirapid provides cnc milling 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis machining, and the milling accuracy tolerance is 0.01 mm
Turning is suitable for small batch processing, the production quantity ranges from 10 to 10,000 pieces, and the turning accuracy can reach a minimum of 0.05 mm.
4Axis-5Axis- Milling-Services-Tirapid
Tirapid has a professional mechanical engineering team that can manufacture your complex geometry parts.
We can process sheet metal of various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 306L, aluminum plate, etc., and the maximum processing capacity of 2 meters.
Rapid- Prototyping-Tirapid
Rapid prototypes can be manufactured in small batches from 1 to 10 pieces, and the shortest delivery time can be controlled in 3 days.
bicycle-pedals-Tirapid-surface finish
Surface treatment can meet the surface treatment of various materials, such as color oxygen, electroplating, nickel, etc.

Benefits of Low-Volume Manufacturing (3)

  • cost-down-tirapid

    The time cost of low-volume manufacturing is lower, the investment of personnel is less, and the low-volume production can be completed with less equipment.

  • ISO9001-tirapid

    Low-volume  manufacturing can quickly complete your product design and manufacture, through various processing techniques in a short time.

  • lead-time-tirapid

    Whether it is metal or plastic material, high-quality processing technology, strict quality control process, the pass rate reaches 99.8%.

Types of Materials Tirapid can provide (8)

Agriculture Industry
Custom Motorcycle
custom racing cars
Laboratory testing
Robot services
Medical -equipment-tirapid
Medical Equipment

“Tirapid teams are very professional and friendly.have great communication, and executed my idea for design perfectly!If you need any kind of machining they will get it done,I highly recommend their services.”

How to handle low-volume manufacturing?

Tirapid is an expert in multi-variety and small batch production. We have a very good understanding of processing technology and materials and provide you with the most reasonable design while ensuring the perfect quality of the product.

We have an excellent team that can quickly answer all your questions and complex orders.


Can Tirapid meet diverse manufacturing processes?

Tirapid Provides you with a variety of manufacturing services for small batch production, including  CNC milling services, CNC turning services, rapid prototyping, custom sheet metal fabrication, and surface finishing.

Is it ISO9001:2015 quality certified?


Tirapid strictly controls quality in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system to ensure that low-volume production parts meet standard tolerances.

A professional quality team and mechanical experts escort your quality.


Can you respond quickly to customer questions?

We have a professional quotation team and professional production experts for low-volume manufacturing services, provide quotations within 4 hours, and the fastest delivery time within 1 day.

Can it meet various customized manufacturing?

Tirapid’s flexible manufacturing mode is suitable for a variety of custom manufacturing,including high mix low volume manufacturing, high variety low volume manufacturing,low mix high volume manufacturing,high volume production.

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