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  • Competitive pricing
  • Parts as fast as 3 days
  • Timely online quotation,within 4 hours
  • Tight tolerances: ±0.00039″ (±0.01mm)

Precision CNC Milling

We offer milling services for any custom CNC milled parts, Tirapid has experienced engineers who can choose the right tool for you, process various CNC milling parts with complex shapes through 3-axis CNC milling, 4-axis  CNC milling, and 5-axisCNC machines, and give you the best CNC machining solution.

We can provide all custom-milled components with strict quality and tolerance control to meet your project needs.


Applications of CNC Milling


CNC milled prototypes are often used to create parts in the mororsports category. These components can include everything from engine components to exterior body panels.


CNC milling machine parts are often used to make medical parts. These sections have everything from surgical instruments to prosthetics


Outdoor products have very high requirements on the quality of appearance. CNC milling can outperform any machining technique.

Machined Enclosures

CNC milling makes electrical components. These components can include everything from circuit boards to electrical connectors.

Mold Components

CNC milling is widely used in mold making, and commonly used parts are mold bases, mold cavities, fittings, sliders and more.


CNC milling produces flawless products with tight tolerances. From simple to complex parts, from Low-Volume Manufacturing to large batches can be realized.

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Surface Finishes for your Project

Surface finishing is one of the important factors in determining the quality of machined parts. In China, there are very few high-quality surface treatment factories. Tirapid’s excellent team provides you with matching high-quality surface finishing companies.

Custom CNC Machining:How dose it work

Send your CAD/3D files

Feed your design needs to Tirapid.

Design Analysis and Quotations

Within 4 hours, experts will communicate with you the design elements and make an accurate quotation.

Contract signed and production started

Sign the contract and NDA,Tirapid starts producing your parts.

Ship and wait to receive your parts

It only takes 3-7 days to wait for the parts to be received, and professional international express will serve you.

Why Choose Us for Custom CNC Milling

Lowest Prices Online

CNC milling machines have superb milling technology and can be processed in just a few hours, which reduces a lot of production costs in this case.

Unlock complex parts

The milling machine can make complex shaped parts because the milling machine tool can operate from different angles, using 4 axis, 5 axis can make more complex and irregular parts.


ISO9001 Certification

Tirapid has a comprehensive quality control process, from the procurement of materials to the shipment of parts, QA and QC are involved in every link to ensure that each part is 100% qualified.


Surface treatment & material selection

Tirapid provides you with more supporting services for milling parts, whether it is surface treatment, or more machining processes, there are many excellent manufacturers in China. Such as painting, electroplating, oxidation, and more.

Fast Delivery

CNC parts can be completed in a few hours, Tirapid experts can provide quotations in 4 hours, and contract terms can be activated in 4 hours.


Precision Tolerance

The tolerance of one or low-volume products can meet the requirements, the surface finish is within Ra1.6, the tolerance meets the requirements of the drawing, and a complete test report is provided.


Meterials for CNC Milling

We continue to innovate CNC processing technology to use a wider variety of materials. The general materials are provided below for you. If you need special materials, please contact our experts

Materials Aluminum Stainless Steel Brass/Copper Titanium Plastics
Grad & Types AL2024































  • “I don’t usually write reviews, but I had such a good experience with Heritage Machining, that I had to. They have great customer service from beginning to end. Someone always answers the phone when I call and that’s important.  The quality and craftsmanship of their work is excellent.  The turnaround time was impressive for the number of parts I ordered. The pricing was very competitive. I would recommend them to anyone”.

Can Tirapid provide samples?

Yes, we can customize samples for you, and can offer to ship for you within 3-7 days, and you can receive your samples within 10 days.


Is a CNC milling machine suitable for my project?

If your project requires machining, has more functional requirements for parts, and has very high requirements on dimensional accuracy, you can contact our experts, who will provide you with the optimal machining plan.


What kind of material is suitable for CNC milling?

Most materials can be CNC milled, hard plastics, and metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, brass, copper, etc.


Do you accept low-volume CNC milling?

We accept a minimum order and also can accept large quantities of orders. Tirapid has 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC milling machines, there are 15 sets of 3-axis, 10 sets of 4-axis, and 5 sets of 5-axis, we can complete your prototype or large-volume order.


Can the Tirapid team provide material proofs for my project?

Yes, each item can provide the material proof of the raw material, whether it is plastics or metals, as long as you need it, we can send it to you with the goods. Tirapid stands for high-quality services.


How do I know the processing progress of my project?

We are very happy to share with you every progress of the project, our specialists can provide you with production progress, inspection status, and every step you want to know.


Tirapid is Your CNC Machining Service Partner in China.


Tirapid team has helped many partners expand their business and increase production. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote for your project!

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