Custom Aluminum Parts Manufacturing

Minimum size: L2mm*W2mm*H2mm

Maximum size: L700mm*W500mm*H300mm

Minimum tolerance: +-0.001mm(+-0.0003937 in)

Aluminum is a common metal material for parts production. Aluminum is easy to machine and lightweight. It is also one of the most popular metal materials for mechanical engineers. The processing performance of aluminum is stable, and it is often used as one of the first choices for customized parts by the industrial and consumer goods industries.

Tirapid does custom production according to your drawings (.STEP/.STP/.PDF). Focus on the non-standard aluminum precision machining of complex knots. And provide you with the best cost to complete prototype projects and small batch ODM.

Display of Aluminum CNC Machining Parts

Custom Aluminum Enclosure Parts

Aluminum case parts are most commonly used in the communication industry, and the aluminum case plays the role of shielding and protection. Small batch CNC machining is usually produced using 3-axis and 5-axis processes.

Industrial Robot Parts

The precision of aluminum robot parts is higher than that of plastic parts, and the machining accuracy can meet within +/-0.01mm. Using a variety of surface treatments, products with higher requirements can be met.


Custom Aluminum Auto Parts

Most of the auto parts are made of aluminum, such as engines, brakes, radiators. General-purpose high-volume parts will use aluminum die-casting production.


Aluminum Airplane Parts

7075 is a commonly used aircraft aluminum sheet. The special performance of 7# aluminum meets the requirements of aircraft parts. Aluminum impeller parts were produced using 5-axis CNC machining.

Custom Aluminum Model Car Parts

You don’t need to make molds, and there is no limit to the number of parts for custom aluminum car models. 1-100 pieces can be produced. Aluminum parts can be completed within 3 days at the fastest.

Aluminum Parts for RC Cars

The aluminum chassis helps the engine dissipate heat. The service life is higher than that of plastic parts. The aluminum alloy tray is an indispensable component during repair.

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Display of Aluminum CNC Turning Parts

  • aluminum-cnc-turning-parts-tirapid

    Aluminum parts account for more than 50% of mechanical parts. Because aluminum rods are cheap in metal materials, the cost of turning is low.

  • custom-aluminum-bike-parts-tirapid
    Aluminum Bike Parts

    80% of bicycle parts are aluminum alloy parts. Bike body is produced using an aluminum extrusion process. The structure remains in one piece, more solid and beautiful.

  • aluminum-rc-parts-tirapid
    Aluminum Boat Parts and Accessories

    Tirapid provides OEM boat parts, and the largest aluminum part size: is 700*500*300mm. Usually, the process of turning and milling is selected for processing.

  • aluminum-brake-parts-tirapid
    Custom Aluminum Motorcycle Parts

    Commonly used motorcycle aluminum parts include billet sprocket cover aluminum, pulley cover, engine stand, front fork dust cover, etc. Aluminum is the most cost-effective to process among all metal materials.

Application of Machined Aluminum Parts

Aluminum parts are used in various industries, and among all metal parts, aluminum has the most advantages in processing cost and material costs.

Automobile aluminum parts: engine parts, car body.

Sports bike: anti-vibration parts, hand brake, frame.

Mechanical equipment parts: bearings, main body.

Consumer Electronics: electronic enclosures, covers, heat dissipation enclosure


Materials and Surface Finishing Options

Aluminum Materials Options
  • Aluminum 2017
  • Aluminum 2024
  • Aluminum 3003
  • Aluminum 5052
  • Aluminum 5754
  • Aluminum 6061
  • Aluminum 6082
  • More…


Surface Finishing Options
  • Deburring
  • Bead Blasting
  • Anodization
  • Oxidation
  • Electro-Polish
  • Chemical Conversion
  • Powder Coating/Painting
  • More…
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