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Plastic CNC custom machining is a material reduction machining technique. Since plastic material has a high coefficient of thermal expansion, the CNC machining process results in warping or deformation of the part due to high cutting speeds. Plastic is more ductile compared to metal, resulting in more burrs during the cutting process.

Tirapid provides 1000+pieces plastic customized products for the world’s top automobiles manufacturer. Using CNC milling, CNC turning, and 5-axis machining combined with 15+ years of machining experience by our technical engineers. We help our customers with a variety of customized projects in shaped and ultra-thin sheet structures. 100% inspection shipment, shortening time-to-market for our customers.

Custom Plastic Machining Products Cases

Ultem1000 Machining Parts
POM Gears
PEEK Machining Parts
ABS CNC Milling Housing
Teflon Milling Parts
Acrylic CNC Milling Plate
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Our Custom Plastic Machining Processes

3 Axis Milling

Difficulty of machining:★

Suitable for flat or simple curved surface parts, such as plates, covers.

4 Axis Milling

Difficulty of machining:★★

Suitable for parts with complex axial symmetry and shape features on multiple faces, such as gears and complex connectors.

5 Axis Milling

Difficulty of machining:★★★

Suitable for highly complex curved surfaces and three-dimensional structural parts that need to be processed from multiple angles, such as engine casings and medical parts.

CNC Turning

Difficulty of machining:★

Suitable for shaft parts, which are often processed with bar materials. Such as shafts, pipe joints, cylindrical parts.

Some Materials for Plastic CNC Machining

Plastic materials have strong electrical insulation properties, are rust-proof and waterproof, and are lighter in weight than metal materials.Some materials suitable for CNC Machining:

✔ABS                          ✔Acetal                          ✔Acrylic                    ✔Acrylite

✔Cast Nylon              ✔Clear PVC                  ✔UHMW-PE                  ✔Delrin®

Gray PVC                ✔G10/FR-4                     ✔HDPE                           ✔Nylon

PEEK                         ✔Teflon                           ✔PTFE                            ✔Ultem®


Surface Finishing for Custom Plastic Machining

Polishing                                 Marking

Painting                                  Silk screening


Why Tirapid Custom Plastic Machining Fabrication

  • Fast delivery, shipped within 3 days
  • 100% inspection after machining
  • Proficient in 5-axis machining technology
  • Machining of oversized plastic parts (L1100*W900*500mm)
Industry Applications for Machined Plastic Machining
We provide CNC machining services for multiple industries and products, and have rich production experience
to ensure that your projects comply with more standards (ROHS/REACH/ISO9001:2015)

Medical                     Electronic communication                    

Aerospace                     Automobile manufacturing

Consumer goods               Precision instruments

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