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About CustomPlastic Parts

Tirapid has a professional team and leading technology to turn your custom plastic part concept into reality within 24 hours. And there is no minimum MOQ for custom plastic parts.

Plastic is an excellent alternative and can be used in toys, containers,packaging, auto parts and more. It is ideal for mass production and manufacturing of delicate and complex parts. We has leading technology and professional technical team.

Our 5-axis machines allow us to machine complex and precise parts, saving our customers significant time, reduce labor and cost.

Plastic Products Series


Custom parts are available for a wide range of applications. Every product has a unique design philosophy. Frequently chosen by professional mechanical engineers Rapid Prototype Plastic Parts


Rapid prototyping is an additive manufacturing mode that rapidly produces custom plastic parts or components by using 3D computer-aided design (CAD).


CNC milling machine tools can create complex shapes and precision parts from different angles.


Surface Finishing  Plastic Parts
Tirapid specializes in custom electronic plastic products. Independently develop and manufacture injection molds. Applicable to a variety of materials and various surface finishing processes.
Plastic Turned Parts

CNC turning is an extremely complex machining method known for its high precision, quality and precise repeatability. CNC plastic turning can help customers produce precise custom plastic components and parts from a wide variety of materials.

Injection Moulding Parts Manufacturers

Injection molding is suitable for products with complex shapes that require mass production. Injection molding works by injecting heated molten plastic into a mold, cooling and solidifying it, and creating your custom plastic part.

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Tirapid Plastic Parts Fabrication Features

The plastic parts that we fabricate are offering these features:
-not rust
-light in weight,
-chemically stable,
-Good impact resistance
-good transparency
-wear resistance
-Good insulation
-low thermal conductivity
-General formability
-good color ability
-low processing cost


Grade options for plastic materials

Tirapid offers many grades of materials for plastic parts. Plastic materials have strong electrical insulation properties, are rust-proof and waterproof, and are lighter in weight than metal materials. Under certain conditions, they are better than metal materials. The plastic materials we commonly use in manufacturing include:

● Nylon
● Acrylic
● Polyethylene
● High-impact polystyrene


Custom Plastic Parts Post Processing

The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functions of the product, Common surface treatment processes include:

    • Polishing
    • Painting
    • Marking
    • Silk screening
    • Sandblasting

Choose Tirapid Custom Plastic Manufacturing


Are you still confused about the quality and price of plastic parts? Tirapid can be your reliable ODM producer. We design injection molds, manufacture molds, inject plastic parts, and can CNC machine plastic prototypes to help you quickly and successfully launch your product.

Tirapid has a professional mold design engineering team and 15 years of manufacturing experience to solve various problems for you. We use automated loading and unloading robots to achieve the lowest production cost.

We also have professional customer service staff who will help you get results within 5 minutes. They quickly provide production designs and feedback on parts.

If you need custom plastic parts, we’ve got you covered. Please contact us!

Suitable for ODM Manufacturing in Different Industries

Automotive Plastic Parts

ABS Dimensional stability. Good electrical properties, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dyeability, finished product processing and mechanical processing, Widely used in the automotive field, such as automotive instrument panels,automotive interior,and more.


Prototype Plastic Parts

PEEK has High mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness, toughness, good aging resistance, good mechanical vibration damping ability, and good sliding property, Applications such as turbines, gears, bearings, impellers, cranks, dashboards, drive shafts, valves, vanes, screw rods, screws, nuts, seals, shuttles, sleeves, etc

Plastic Injection Molding Medical Parts

POM is a common thermoplastic polymer with good impact resistance, toughness, and heat resistance usually use for Plastic Injection Molding.


Medical Plastic Parts

PVC is a light but strong plastic, usually with the addition of plasticizers to increase softness and flexibility. It has a large number of medical applications, such as respiratory masks, oxygen tubes, artificial ears, and noses.

Precision Plastic Part Parameters

Materials Types ABS, PVC, Nylon,Acrylic,Polyethylen,Polycarbonate,Polycarbonate,Polypropylene,High impact polystyrene,and more
Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Surface Finish Sandblasting,Painting,Coloring,Engraving
Processing CNC Milling,CNC Turning,4-Axis Milling,

5-Axis Milling,Rapid Prototype,Injection processing

Minimum Stroke 2mm*2mm*2mm
Maximum Stroke 1500*1500*600mm
Quality Control NDA,Test report,Material certification report
Application Parts Wheels,Gears,O-Rings,Seals,Gaskets,doors,windows,auto parts



  • “High quality plastic manufacturing services at one of the best prices available. There is a CNC machined silkscreened plastic part – the measurements are perfect and the quality is great. Bella was very patient in answering my questions.”

  • “Great service, good quality and just fun and simple to work with, just send them a drawing and they make it. Thank youTirapid ,best manufacturer of plastic parts.”

  • “I couldn’t find a satisfactory processing plant near me until I found Tirapid in China, They were able to mill out the unique plastic parts I needed. I am very happy and highly recommend.”

What are the CNC machining methods for custom plastic parts?

CNC milling 

CNC milling machines have superb milling technology and can be processed in just a few hours, which reduces a lot of production costs in this case.

CNC turning

CNC Turning is a manufacturing process that is used to produce a wide variety of parts. In addition to cylindrical parts, CNC Turning can be used to produce parts with complex shapes, such as gears and threads.

5-Axis CNC milling 

5-axis machining can accurately complete multi-faceted shapes at one time, meeting your complex requirements and tolerance accuracy of parts.

Why does rapid prototyping need to be done before mass injection molding?

The prototype is a crucial process before mass production as it allows engineers and designers to test the form, fit, and function of a product before committing to costly tooling and production.


What quality control process does Tirapid have?

Tirapid has passed ISO9001 quality certification. We detect the dimensions of product parts in time during the production process. A special person will conduct a comprehensive inspection before shipment. Measured using sophisticated instruments and gages, complex parts will be inspected using CMM.


Can it meet various customized manufacturing?

Tirapid’s flexible manufacturing mode is suitable for a variety of custom manufacturing, including high mix low volume manufacturing, high variety low volume manufacturing, low mix high volume manufacturing, and high volume production.


How many days does the production cycle of custom plastic parts take?

If you’re just doing rapid prototyping, we can do it in as little as 1 day. If you need an injection mold, the mold can be completed within 20 days at the earliest, and the first sample can be produced within 30 days.

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