Wire EDM Machining Service

 Provides high-precision 3D EDM cutting

Specializes in complex wire EDM parts

 Wire EDM tolerances are maintained at +/- .0002

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  • mold-parts-tirapid
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  • Sheet-metal-bending tool
  • metal-parts-for-mould-tirapid
  • mold-parts-tirapid
  • Plastic-bottle-metal-mold-tirapid
  • Sheet-metal-bending tool

Wire EDM Machining Service

Wire EDM is an electrical discharge heat production process that uses deionized water and wire to cut solid metal parts.

Wire cutters discharge between the wire and the workpiece – continuous cutting with the heat generated by an electric spark.

electric spark cutting that can move along complex contours or tapered parts, Tirapid provides you with the best cutting solution

Advantages Of Electric Spark Cutting

When hardened tool steels and special materials are not suitable for cutting in ordinary ways, Tirapid will provide you with the best solution.

  • perfect surface finish
  • High precision, cost-effective
  • The qualified rate can reach 99.6%
  • Ability to stack, chain, and nest multiple parts
  • Workpiece material hardness does not affect cutting speedAccurate, predictable, programmable, highly repeatable, and distortion-free

Applications of Electric Spark Cutting

Processing does not limit materials and can control dimensional tolerances to the extreme, so the application industry is very wide.

  • Small hole drilling
  • Automotive parts
  • Aerospace parts
  • Internal gear
  • Progressive & fine blanking tooling
  • Medical devices for implantations
  • Prototype production
  • Blanking punches
  • Extrusion dies
  • Miniature parts
  • Titanium needles
  • Turbine blades

Capability of Electric Spark Cutting

  •  Tolerances to ±0.005mm(0.0001”)
  •  Provide 500mm parts processing
  • 4-axis & intricate contours
  •  Right-Angle or Tapered Parts
  • Micro diameter wires
  •  Auto-threading
  •  Anti-electrolysis power supply

Surface Finishing

Machining Finishes Available:

Metals for Wire EDM

The materials that Tirapid can do:

Carbide,Brass ,Tool steels ,Aluminum,Titanium,Bronze , Stainless steels ,Molybdenum

Inconel,CopperHarde,ned steels,High-speed cobalt,Hastelloy,Nickel,High-speed steels        Tungsten,Carbon steel,Magnesium

  • “Tirapid teams are very professional and friendly.have great communication, and executed my idea for design perfectly!If you need any kind of machining they will get it done,I highly recommend their services.”


What kind of Wire is used in Wire EDM?

There are two main wires for EDM machines, brass wire, and coated wire.


What is the tightest radius a wire EDM can produce?

Wire diameters for Wire EDM range from 0.1mm to 0.33mm, with 0.010” 0.25mm being common. The cut will spark up to 180 degrees forward, so the kerf width will be wider.  Actually, width depends on what is supplied, but usually about one-third larger than the wire diameter. A 0.10″ wire cuts a path about 0.13″ wide.

What’s the difference between wire cut EDM and EDM?

The wire cutting EDM is controlled by CNC, and the wire is controlled on the 3D axis, which is more flexible. Traditional EDM cannot produce more complex, narrower angled parts, but line EDM can be performed. Parts with complex pattern angles can be cut more accurately.

How Wire EDM works?

The working principle is to use the continuously moving thin metal wire to perform pulse spark discharge on the workpiece to remove metal and cut it into shape.

Wire EDM is a special manufacturing process. It is different from traditional processing technology, which requires mechanical force and mechanical energy to cut, and mainly uses electrical energy to process materials. Wire EDM can process metal material with strength and hardness also tricky and complex parts.


What kind of Wire EDM finish will my part have?

Wire EDM’s wire runs through the entire workpiece, resulting in a perfect finish on the part. Often customers are amazed when they see the fine finish of a single cut. With abrasive water jets and lasers, the larger the part, the rougher the finish.

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