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Tight tolerance +/- 0.005
Minimum wall thickness 0.8mm
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Copper parts have a unique color and luster. Copper is a natural non-magnetic metal that can be made into jewelry, handicrafts, and home decorations. It is widely used in the automotive and medical industries.
Tirapid is a leading manufacturer of copper with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We offer a variety of services for manufacturing custom copper components, including OEM production runs.

Type of Copper Parts


CNC milling of parts is one of the most common machining methods, and 5-axis milling can produce super-complex structures.


Continuous discharge cutting of parts by Wire EDM enables highly complex contours and shapes to be machined.



Sheet metal stamping is to obtain copper parts of a specific shape through stamping, bending, wire drawing, flanging, embossing and other processes.

CNC Turning Parts

Tube and rod-shaped parts are often processed by CNC lathes to ensure precise dimensional tolerances, and at the same time, complex shapes can be completed at one time.


Copper Rapid Prototyp

Rapid prototyping is a process from drawings that accelerates the development of new products and plays a vital role in the manufacture of successful products.


Custom copper parts

Copper has good mechanical properties, anti-rust and corrosion, suitable for various mechanical processing, very suitable for custom parts such as custom guitar copper parts, bicycle copper parts, motorcycle  parts and more.

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Metal Grades for Materials

Copper is more expensive than other metal materials, so it is necessary to control the materials and production costs in the selection of materials.

Pure copper C101: not easy to process, with stronger electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Copper C110: The purity of copper is lower, it is easier to machine, the conductivity is average, and the material cost is lower than C101.


Advantages of Tirapid Copper Parts Fabrication

●Flexible size and shape

●Professional engineering team

●The maximum diameter of turning parts is 600mm

5-axis machining to solve complex structures

●Free online quotation within 4 hours

Surface Finishing

There are various surface treatment processes, the following is the surface finishing of copper parts:

Electroless Nickel Plating
Makes copper parts more corrosion resistant.

Electrolytic polishing
Removes small burrs on the surface, makes the surface bright and smooth, and improves the texture of  parts.

Nickel electroplating
Metal film is formed on the surface , which is anti-rust and wear-resistant, making the  parts more durable and the surface more beautiful.


Technical Parameters of Precision Machining

Materials C110 ,C101,C102 ,C130,UNS C700
Tolerance +/-0.005mm
Minimum Stroke L2mm*W2mm*H2mm
Maximum Stroke L800mm *W600mm*H300mm
Quality Control NDA,Test report, Material certification report
File Format STP, PDF, CAD, IGS, JPG


Suitable for ODM Manufacturing in Different Industries

Copper Musical Instrument

Copper has good metallic luster, has certain toughness and hardness, no cracks, and can be customized into copper musical instruments, such as cymbals, drums, brass instruments, etc.

Copper Car Parts

Copper has good thermal conductivity and high corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in auto copper parts, such as automotive copper heat exchanger, Vehicle Copper Connector, copper Heatsink Spacer Substrate, Custom Machining Copper Water Cooling Heat Sink and more.

Copper Electronic Parts

Copper has good electrical conductivity and extension wire, and can be manufactured into copper wire, copper rod, copper spacer, Screws, Nuts, Nuts, Bolts copper parts for electronic use.

Custom Copper Parts

Copper has good mechanical properties, anti-rust and corrosion, suitable for various mechanical processing, very suitable for custom parts such as custom guitar copper parts, bicycle copper parts, motorcycle copper parts and more.

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