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About Brass Machining

Brass is a metal alloy with low friction and a golden appearance. Offers good machinability, excellent accuracy, repeatability, and excellent electrical conductivity. Ideal for applications requiring low friction, 3-axis, and 5-axis CNC milling, and CNC turning are available.

Tirapid can customize brass machining parts of various structures for you, the most suitable shapes, right angles, deep holes, curved surfaces, and arcs. If you have needs, you can contact our mechanical experts immediately.

Advantages of Brass Parts Machining

Also known as special brass, is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass materials have high hardness, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and strong wear resistance. Among copper materials, brass has the best mechanical properties.


Types of Brass Parts

CNC machining Brass is suitable for a variety of CNC parts, the machinability of Brass is very good, and the custom brass parts display



Metal Grades for Brass Materials

Aluminum Brass Aluminum can improve the hardness and strength of brass, suitable for marine underwater copper parts
Lead Brass Lead can improve the performance of brass, with better plasticity, suitable for watch parts
Tin Brass Tin can improve the plasticity of copper, so that the copper material can be processed by cold and hot pressure
Manganese Brass Manganese increases the strength and corrosion resistance of copper alloys
Nickel Brass Nickel greatly improves the corrosion resistance of brass and has good plasticity at room temperature
Iron Brass Iriron can improve the mechanical workability of copper alloys, and has good plasticity


CNC Machining Parts Solutions at Tirapid

Common Manufacturing Processes

The process of brass CNC machining is also diversified. China uses brass CNC processing, and the processing of brass material is very mature. The processing methods that people often use include:

●CNC rapid prototyping
●CNC turning
●CNC milling
Custom sheet metal fabrication
●Laser cutting
●CNC drilling

Common Surface Finishing Methods

Brass parts are also very suitable for a variety of metal surface treatment, including:

●Vacuum plating
●Marking Laser
●Antique brass

Brass Machining Parts Series

Brass Turned Parts

It uses carbide tools to increase material removal rates and reduce CNC tool wear. The machining speed of CNC turning can be adjusted to higher operations. Proper programming is critical to CNC Turning for brass parts, it reduces scrap rates and reduces time and cost.

Brass Rapid Prototyping Parts

Rapid prototyping, CNC machines can create prototypes with very complex designs. High precision, reduced development costs, and rapid prototyping are critical processes before mass production

CNC Milling Parts

CNC Milling of brass is a common method of machining brass. Brass alloy plates are machined into the structure the engineer needs. This can be a simple plate shape or a multi-faceted and complex part. The most common multi-faceted part machining on the market, 5-axis CNC milling machines are unmatched.

CNC Cutting Parts

CNC laser cutting is performed by moving a CO₂, YAG or fiber-driven laser cutting head on the workpiece using the CNC’s tool. CNC  cutting is precise and fast and is ideal for producing high quality parts.

Why do brass parts need anti-rust treatment?

The surface of brass is easy to for an oxide film, so it must be coated with anti-rust oil and sealing protection during or after processing.

Can Tirapid CNC brass?

Of course, copper processing is widely used in various industries, and it is also a material with excellent workability. We use the best processing procedures and more precise equipment. The dimensional accuracy of the product fully meets the drawing requirements.


Is brass easy to CNC machining?

Brass is one of the easiest metal materials to work with. It is close to the hardness of aluminum. Machining can be done without the need for more expensive machining tools.


How many days does it usually take for the delivery time of copper processing?

Simple parts can be completed in 1 day at the earliest, and a dimensional inspection report of the parts is provided.


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