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Car Lug Nuts manufacturing

Car lug nuts are essential fasteners in automotive parts. It is an important part that holds the car wheel and axle together. The nut provides a firm connection between the wheel and the hub of the car and is the bridge between the wheel and the axle, which plays a key role in the safe and stable operation of the car.

When tightened, the lug nuts clamp the wheel securely to the hub, ensuring a secure connection. This precise alignment with the vehicle’s suspension system promotes balanced handling, minimizes tire wear, and enhances overall driving stability.

Customized lug nuts on cars can meet the threaded hole needs of various vehicles, providing unique shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to enhance the uniqueness of the cars. In addition, there are a variety of colors and metal materials for car owners to choose from. These custom car lug nuts can also incorporate enhanced security to deter theft.

At Tirapid, we specialize in providing custom lug nuts tailored to your specific needs. With our rich experience in auto parts processing services, we can effectively assist you to expedite the design completion process and ensure timely and satisfactory results.

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Car Lug Nuts Series

Conical Lug Nuts

Conical lug nuts design allows them to fit into a corresponding cone seat or hole in the wheel. Thus providing a secure and tight fit.

Flat Lug Nuts

Tirapid provides customized car lug nuts in titanium, aluminum, and steel, and designs suitable flat lug nuts for you according to your car model.

Ball Seat Lug Nnuts

The shape of the car lug nuts corresponds to the matching indentation on the wheel, and the bottom of the ball seat car lug nuts are rounded. Keep the wheel firmly on the axle.

Tuner Lug Nuts

The tuner car lug nuts come with a dedicated key, providing the owner with extra protection against theft. Therefore, it is widely used in the automotive aftermarket.

Mag Lug Nuts

The top surface of the Mag car lug nut has a cylindrical shape and a flat or slightly domed design. The bottom of the nut has a rounded or tapered seating area that matches the corresponding seating on the wheel.

Extended Thread Lug Nuts

Extended threaded car lug nuts are longer than normal car lug nuts, allowing for a tighter connection between the wheel and the axle. This extra engagement increases the stability of the car and reduces the risk of the lug nuts coming loose during operation.

Left-hand Threaded Car Lug Nuts

Left-handed car lug nuts have the opposite thread to right-handed nuts. In order to distinguish it from right-hand threaded lug nuts, it is usually marked with “LH” or clearly marked with an arrow.

Small Diameter Spline Drive Car Lug Nuts

Small-diameter spline nuts are uniquely designed and often have a matching key or socket. Ensures proper installation and prevents unauthorized removal. Provides extra security against theft for car tires.

Lug Bolts

Lug bolts serve as fasteners for cars and wheels. Align and center the wheel lug hole with the tapered end for safe driving on the ground.

Offsets Lug Nuts

Tirapid offers car tire lug nuts in a variety of sizes. It can provide safe and precise installation for wheels that require a specific offset and can be customized on demand to make your vehicle safer to drive.

Locking Lug Nuts

Locking lug nuts for cars are designed specifically to deter theft. The appearance is very unique in patterns and designs, and corresponding keys or tools are required to install and remove them to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Custom Color Lug Nuts

Tirapid can customize lug nuts in multiple colors to achieve an exact color match for your vehicle. We pride Surface finishing color options as black, gold, red, blue, green, purple, and more.

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Advantages of Car Lug Nuts

-The achievable roughness of  CNC machining is 0.8~3.2μm Ra.

-Customized often have specialized locking mechanisms to deter theft.

-To make your car more personalized, you can customize the color and nut type.

-Material options are more flexible and can be customized according to individual needs.


Why Choose Tirapid Manufactured Car Lug Nuts


Tirapid is a custom car lug nuts manufacturer in China. we have a world-class sales team, quick response within 2 hours, and 1 to 1 service. Capable of manufacturing complex parts with strict tolerance of ±0.02mm, and passed the quality certification of ISO9001,

State-of-the-art equipment and an experienced technical team allow us to handle everything from prototyping to series.

Every step of the manufacturing process is closely monitored by our professional quality assurance team. Sampling inspection or full inspection is conducted by qualified engineers. For small batches, we conduct full inspections and generate comprehensive test reports, which are thoroughly reviewed by our quality supervisors.

16 years of experience and expertise in nut processing, we can customize unique lug nuts for you to meet your specific requirements. Tirapid is your preferred supplier for custom lug nuts, and we will exceed your expectations through our attention to detail and commitment to online inquiry to quickly get your quotation.

How to Choose an Right OEM Car Lug Nuts Company

The company needs to have machining capabilities including CNC milling and turning, 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis, rapid prototyping, plastic molding, 3D CNC, custom sheet metal manufacturing, sheet metal bending, stamping, Laser cutting, surface treatment, and other services. expertise extends to small batch production, ensuring flexibility for different order sizes.

Flexible transportation, cooperate with at least three large freight forwarding companies. such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. The world’s fastest 3-7 day home delivery.

Complete team configuration:

1. The professional foreign trade sales team is the communication bridge between customers and engineers, understands customer needs, and responds in time.

2. The technical team helps customers perfect the design and manufacture perfect products.

3. Quality inspectors to ensure that the manufactured products are qualified and have no quality problems.

4. The sales team will provide solutions in time and deal with after-sales problems.

5. Professional packers are required as we know the importance of proper packing. Experienced personnel ensures your non-standard parts are packaged securely, with ROHS-certified materials for extra protection. Provide safe packaging for your finished products to avoid product damage during transportation.

Applications of Custom Car Lug Nuts


Custom spike nuts are highly individual accents, slender nails, or studs protruding from the top surface for visual impact. Highlight the unique wheels of the Motorcycle.


Tirapid specializes in custom lug nuts for cars from lightweight, durable materials such as aluminum, titanium, and alloyed metals. Aluminum, known for its corrosion resistance and longevity, is particularly favored.


Tirapid offers custom lug nuts for trucks typically made of high-quality materials such as steel, titanium, or stainless steel. These materials offer strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Golf Cart

Trapid has gained extensive experience in delivering personalized solutions for golf cart lug nuts, catering to the diverse needs of various sizes and models.

What happens if a car lug nut breaks?

If the lug nuts on the vehicle are damaged, it will cause the wheels to loosen or fall off, which may cause vibration, shaking, loss of control, and even serious accidents when the vehicle is running.

Are the custom wheels nuts for universal?

Car nuts are not universal. Each car model has a different hole size. And the size of the base hole is different, and different models correspond to different nut models. Match the correct nut model and car lug nut torque to make your driving more secure.

What is car wheel lug nuts work?

cnc is processed by computer control, the precision is more accurate, and it can be repeated to maintain consistent quality. The high-precision nuts are better matched with the base, so that the wheels and hubs are precisely combined, reducing the probability of nut loosening, thereby improving the safety performance of the car.


Tirapid is Your Reliable Custom Lug Nut Supplier in China.

Tirapid team has helped many partners expand their business and increase production. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote for your project!

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