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About Manufacturing Pistons

The piston plays a very important role in the engine, transmitting the force of the explosive gases to the crankshaft. It then moves up and down through each piston and connecting rod. Mix air and fuel, burn to produce expanding gas, and generate power after ignition.

A good piston maximizes compression and reduces fuel consumption, saving even more energy. The tighter the dimensional tolerance of the piston, the tighter the fit between the piston and the crankshaft. During operation, maximum power can be obtained.

In terms of piston manufacturing, Tirapid has 15+ years of manufacturing experience and can customize pistons of various structures. The quantity is not limited, whether it is one piece or hundreds of pieces, the quality and delivery can be satisfied. Provide the most cost-effective production solution for your project.

Types of Pistons Manufactured

Gasoline pistons

Gasoline pistons are 10% to 30% more thermally efficient than ordinary pistons. Suitable for various CNC machining processes, such as CNC turning, CNC milling, and 5-aix milling.

Diesel pistons

Provide aluminum and steel diesel engine pistons; the precise processing size can reach +-0.02mm or less. This type of piston has good pressure resistance and high-temperature resistance

Pistons for Power Cell Unit

The high-performance piston can adapt to the working environment of ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure and can reduce the emission at the same time. According to your design, Tirapid perfectly manufactures high-precision pistons and components.

Flat-top Pistons

Flat-topped pistons take up the least amount of space and this type of piston burns efficiently. Tirapid can manufacture ultra-thin walled flat top pistons for you.

Dish Pistons

Dish pistons are less problematic than flat and domed pistons. The manufacturing process is also applied in various ways such as forging, CNC machining, and more.

Dome Piston

The top of the dome piston is shaped like a ball, which has more internal space, reduces compression, and generates more force. The shape of the top is processed by CNC turning, and the surface finish can reach 0.8Ra.

Custom Motorcycle Pistons

Custom Piston Manufacturers create custom motorcycle pistons that increase engine power and performance by combining customer-specific conditions, such as compression ratio, dome, skirt profile design, etc.


Custom Billet Pistons

Small batches of billet pistons are usually CNC machined from steel bar stock. Large quantities of steel broken pistons require forging technology, followed by precise turning and milling.


Custom Forged Pistons

Custom forged pistons are suitable for high-volume manufacturing with the lowest production costs and prices. Compatible with most common piston types, enabling the manufacture of thin-walled structures. The power can reach 130KW/L, and it is also widely used in motor sports.

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Advantages Of Custom Piston Manufacturer

—Strict tolerance ± 0.001

—3 hours quick quotation

—30 devices service

—24 hours a day production

—500 kinds of material grade selection


Why Choose Tirapid Manufacturing Pistons

● Possess strict quality inspection capabilities, including projection inspection and CMM inspection.

● Fast material supply chain guarantee, complete procurement within 4H.

● 24 hours a day non-stop production, to meet the short delivery time, small batch manufacturing, and fast delivery.

● The Tirapid expert team is proficient in the manufacture of CNC turning and 5-axis milling to solve complex structures and high-precision tolerance requirements.

Commonly Used Processing Technology
Commonly Used Materials
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