Custom Shift Knob Manufacturer

Custom Shift Knobs Manufacuring

Tirapid shift knob company has served more than 500 cases of custom knobs worldwide. And provide customers with shift knobs in different materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and acrylic.

If you have specific design needs, the shift knob company also offers long shift knobs, weighted shift knobs, ball shift knobs, and skull shift knobs.

Tirapid does not limit the customer’s design ideas for the shift knob. While committed to helping customers manufacture, we also improve the use effect of the shift handle for them. Welcome to the online project exchange with Tirapid expert team.

Custom Shift Knob Series

Custom Shift Knobs Automatic

Automatic shift knobs are a regular option for car enthusiasts, often with machined knobs. CNC manufacturing with an accuracy range of +/-0.01mm ensures a seamless fitting of the matching transmission.

Manual Shift Knobs

Tirapid shift knob companies qualified manual shift knobs for manufacturing needs of different preferences. The ergonomic design concept creates a relaxed and comfortable feel.


Custom Aluminum Shift Knobs

The aluminum shift handle is sought after by car enthusiasts because of its lightness and sensitive shifting experience. Its excellent machinability can cope with the demanding processing conditions of modification enthusiasts.

Billet Aluminum Shift Knob

The raw material of the aluminum billet shift handle is a solid block of aluminum, which has excellent strength performance. It can resist impact when driving and shifting gears, preventing the risk of breaking the handle.

Stainless Steel shift knob

The stainless steel shift knob meets aesthetic manufacturing needs through individual customization. It achieves its exterior design with custom options for polishing, anodized engraving, and more.

Custom Acrylic Shift Knobs

The heat-resistant property of the acrylic shift knob maintains a good temperature experience for the shifting touch. It also provides options for different degrees of transparency to meet manufacturing needs that focus on visual experience.

Metal Skull Shift Knob

Metal Skull Shift Knobs come in many metal and grade options such as Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Copper, Steel, and more. Its unique shape and grip feel a popular choice for lovers of cool style.

Weighted Shift Knob

Tirapid shift knob company weighted shift knobs that add the right weight to improve gear shifting precision for customers. It can reduce the risk of wrong gear and enhance the controllability of driving.

Long Shift Knob

The long shift knob is also called a tall shift knob from another aspect. What’s special is that it allows custom settings for length or height. Enhance leverage by setting long or high for good maneuverability.

Black shift knobs

A black shift knob is one of the many color options offered by Tirapid shift knob company. It includes red, blue, yellow, green, silver, and other colors. And provide a comprehensive color matching and free choice space for different color preferences.

Ball Shift Knobs

Ball Shift Knob As the choice of most dealers, the classic ball shape is compatible with most transmissions and easy to assemble. In addition, Tirapid shift knob company also provides customization of T-shaped, drop-shaped, cylinder, and other shapes.

Aftermarket Shift Knobs

Tirapid shift knob company provides flexible aftermarket shift handle services to meet the preferences and functions of different groups. The range of services includes unlimited design options and compatibility with diverse car models.

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Benefits of Custom Shift Knobs

Improved Precision Shifting
Increase grip to maintain precise shifts with custom-designed shift knobs.

Show Personal Style
The customized shift handle service highlights the diversified styles and unique design taste.

Easy Assembly And Disassembly
The customization service is compatible with models and sizes, reducing the difficulty of assembly and easy loading and unloading.

Improve Comfort
Customize the appropriate shift handle according to your personality and preferences to enhance your driving pleasure.


Advantages Of Choosing Tirapid Shift Knob Company

-Having multi-functional service, allowing small or large batches of customized options.

-Follows industry system standards and has ISO 9001 quality certification.

– Sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the privacy of all product data.

– Manufactures precision products with guaranteed tight tolerances +/-0.01mm.

-Keep fast quotations, and offer the most competitive price online within 3 hours.

Machining Guidelines for Custom Shift Knobs

Processing method options for shift knobs: CNC milling, CNC turning, 3D printing, deburring, etc.

For example, machining the sphere of the shift knob is usually done by turning. The engraving on the spherical surface uses 5-axis milling.

The selection of the optimal processing method depends on the customized material and product structure. And with the help of the working experience of the expert team for custom manufacturing. Regardless of processing time or processing steps, the Tirapid team will provide the best solution.

Applicable Models Of The Shift Knob

Car Shift Knobs

The customized car shift handle is compatible with the matching requirements of the design required for customization and the model. Provide tight tolerances of +/-0.01mm for customized objects by CNC or other technology.

Racing Shift Knob

Customized racing gear shift knob to meet good driving experience-oriented. Tirapid shift knob company has tailor-made high-performance shift knobs with a strong grip for racing drivers. Professional performance testing to ensure good shock resistance.


Truck Shift Knobs

The custom truck shift handle focuses on a comfortable experience in the grip design. Tirapid will analyze trucks based on long-term usage and custom conditions. Manufactures truck shift handles with a snug hand grip and clear gear shifts.


Shifter Knobs For Semi Trucks

Semi-truck shift handles have high requirements for durability. Tirapid experts manufacture high-quality semi-truck shift handles for customers through material supply and manufacturing standards for daily wear and tear problems caused by use.

  • “If you have not contacted the Tirapid shift knob company, I am afraid that you will not be able to get the shift handle you want to customize. They delivered on time and let me see their excellent product quality. I am lucky to work with such an efficient company.”

  • “I always worry that the details of the product are not in place. But with Tirapid, I never worry about this problem. They were patient enough with my doubts. I think Tirapid’s service is the most recommendable of all the knob companies!”

Do you have any MOQ for the shift knob?

Tirapid Shift Knob Company offers 1-10+ custom shift knobs.

How much does a shift knob cost?

Shift knobs can range from a dozen to a few hundred dollars. Depending on your custom order, there will be different billing standards.

How many days will it take for me to receive my shift knob?

Typically, your product will arrive in 3 days or less than 15 days. But it needs to consider your actual order quantity and manufacturing difficulty.

Can I install the shift knob myself?

Tirapid’s answer is yes. Installation is possible with simple instruction steps. If you have doubts about this, you can ask Tirapid experts online or seek local auto repair shops to provide you with installation services.

How to customize the most suitable shift handle?

Everyone has a different design and comfortable experience with the shift handle. Tirapid recommends choosing customized conditions according to your actual needs, and we will formulate the most suitable shift handle for you according to your needs.

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