Everything About the Advantages of CNC Machining

When many companies analyze whether CNC machining is suitable for their business, Tirapid experts suggest starting with the advantages of CNC machining. Further, dig through the relevant processing conditions to see if the information meets your manufacturing expectations.

Before that, we need to understand the meaning of CNC. Numerical control is a system that operates under computer control. CNC machining has won an unshakable position with systems, technologies, and machine tools different from traditional machining. And it has occupied the position of one of the most critical technologies in the industry for a long time.

So does this mean that CNC machining is the universal manufacturing method? Tirapid’s answer is no. Although numerical control processing is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it cannot be omitted that it does have its own shortcomings that have not yet been overcome.

Therefore, this blog post by Tirapid will lead you to further understand the content of CNC machining from the advantages of CNC machining. In addition, Tirapid presents some information in this blog post, such as which industries will use and need CNC machining services. There is also an analysis of the disadvantages and advantages of CNC machine tools.



Which Industries Apply CNC Machining Services

Before understanding the detriments and advantages of CNC machining, Tirapid first introduces the scope of industries involved in CNC technology:

Car Parts,Ship Parts,Prototyping,Aerospace,Jewelry Design,Sports Equipment,Sculpture Carving,Energy Equipment,Consumer Product,Construction Work
,Customized Product,Medical Instruments,Robot Manufacturing,Industrial Equipment,Agricultural Machinery,Electronic Component,Furniture Manufacturing,
Musical Instrument Parts

The above are some of the industries that Tirapid enumerates CNC machining services. It is the capacity range that traditional processing cannot adapt to manufacturing.

What Are The Disadvantages And Advantages Of CNC Machining

Every decision in the business will affect the direction of manufacturing results. The followings are the disadvantages and advantages of CNC machining introduced by Tirapid to help you draw useful conclusions.

Advantages Of CNC Machining:

High Precision Manufacturing

With the development of science and technology, high-precision numerical control technology can reach the level of micron and submicron. The industry utilizes a level of sophistication in manufacturing to solve problems in customizing products.For example, the production of prosthetics in the medical industry requires the control of precision according to the size and comfot of the human body.

Multifunctional Material Application

The first is in the shape of the material: bar, plate, pipe, etc. The second is the conventional advantage of the type of material.It can accommodate familiar or exotic materials, including grades of different materials.

Here, Tirapid lists some materials and corresponding grades for your reference:

Metals: Aluminum (6061-T6, 7075-T6), Stainless Steel (304, 316), Steel (1018, 4140), Brass (C220, C230), Copper (C110, C101), Titanium (Grade 2, Grade 5)

Plastics: PEEK, POM, PTFE, PVC, Acrylic

Excellent Surface Handling Ability

Excellent surface treatment capabilities are not available in every processing method.Adjust the surface requirements that customers can choose independently through precise parameters. Usually, CNC machining can achieve a roughness of 0.8~3.2μm Ra.

Different industries have different requirements for surface technology, but with the advantages of CNC machining surface treatment, they can deal with it friendly. For example, the Tirapid CNC platform can provide sandblasting, anodizing, electroplating, polishing, powder coating, laser engraving, etc.

Save The Cost Of Secondary Operation

Many people think that choosing CNC machining is expensive. But in fact, many people do not expect that it can reduce costs by avoiding the probability of secondary processing. The advantages of CNC machining fall off repeated processing of products and save rework costs. Therefore, when you are worried about the budget of CNC machining, you should also consider the actual benefits it brings.

If you have concerns about the cost of CNC, then Tirapid can provide you with the most affordable solution to give you peace of mind. You can also check out Tirapid’s blog post on CNC costs for cost-saving tips.

 Consistent Manufacturing

The advantages of CNC machining with consistent manufacturing overcome the quality control problems of continuous production in product manufacturing. And in the accuracy requirements to achieve accuracy without deviation.

Reduced Testing Needs

CNC products can complete the steps of cutting or other operations completely in accordance with digital commands.And learn about product problems from the feedback of the computer numerical control system. Reduce the need for individual product or component testing for quality and standards by solving and optimizing product issues on time.

Reduce Operating Energy Consumption

The numerical control system can simulate the cutting path in advance. And reduce unnecessary operations by optimizing the moving position of the tool. By optimizing the movement and cutting action, it is possible to reduce the energy consumption of the CNC system and the machine tool during operation.

Improve Removal Rate

Among many operations, companies are keen to take advantage of the advantages of CNC machining to increase material removal rates. It improves the efficiency of the tool-cutting material through CNC programs and software, and professional programming ensures effective material removal operations.

Keep Historical Data

CNC uses computer systems to archive or back up project data (including product models, cutting paths, and processing parameters). It ensures that historical data can be easily accessed and viewed during the manufacturing phase of a product or subsequent part design iterations. By saving historical data, avoid data loss or error in human management.

Prototype Design

Prototyping is key to the innovative development of the industry. It provides risk forecasting and troubleshooting during the design process.And quickly manufacture prototype products through software integration data. Cope with subsequent iterative upgrades through CNC programming and feedback systems.

Labor Cost Reduction

Labor cost is one of the factors that companies value when considering costs. After the technicians set the cutting parameters, the CNC machine tool can be manufactured and processed in an automated form without being on duty. Reduce the cost of human involvement and employment in automated operations through automation.

Reduce Data Errors

During operation, the CNC system will check whether various parameters are accurately set according to the manufacturing conditions. And adjust and correct the manufacturing procedures of the machine tool in time.

Complete manufacturing according to the commands accurately through CNC programming. It can avoid data errors caused by human failure to change in time or limited technical level. And manufacture products that meet the standard quality under the real-time monitoring of numerical control.

Strong Manufacturing Capacity

Numerical control technology can manufacture or process detailed requirements such as surfaces, corners, cavities, and holes through the cooperation of machine tools with multiple axes and cutting tools. Precise settings through NC programming can also perform precision engraving operations.

Machine Flexibility

5-axis milling equipment is a prime example of the flexibility advantages of CNC machining.

It is capable of multiple operations (drilling, engraving, polishing) with flexible axes of motion. This is obvious and readily available in the advantages of CNC machining for CNC machinists.

Save Time

In today’s highly competitive era, racing against time is the attitude of every industry. Urgent deadlines can be met with the time-saving advantages of CNC machining.It can also automatically change the tools required for manufacturing and machining. Its functionality saves steps and manufacturing time in manually operating the equipment.

Information Monitoring

The CNC system monitors and monitors the state of the machine tool in real-time by collecting data. Collect the status of cutting tools, machine tool operation, and product manufacturing through monitoring. During this period, master the all-around manufacturing dynamics and adjust the setting parameters in time. It optimizes the overall manufacturing process and improves manufacturing efficiency.

High Stock Removal

With the continuous development of numerical control technology, its machine tools can achieve tens of thousands of cutting times per minute. It responds to manufacturing requirements of different difficulties and provides technical convenience for rapid prototyping and delivery of products.

Disadvantages Of CNC Machining:


The development of numerical control leads to high costs in terms of initial investment, maintenance and use, and technical optimization. For small and medium-sized enterprises with limited budgets, choosing CNC technology is not their best manufacturing and processing solution. In this regard, the Tirapid platform can provide a solution that meets your expectations. You can read this blog post about the cost of CNC machining to solve the costly problem with the advantages of CNC machining.


Whether the workpiece can be manufactured or processed also depends on the size of the machine tool provided by the manufacturer. For example, the handling of large machined parts requires the selection of dedicated large-scale facilities. It prevents production errors or delays due to dimensional issues.


Numerical control reduces human intervention with automated procedures. However, in the face of complex issues and steps (such as programming, setting, tool installation), the support of professional technical experience is still required.


Generally speaking, numerical control technology is one of the first choices to challenge the difficulty of complex design. But special requirements and designed features still require specialized manufacturing tools. For example, products with cavity design requirements use EDM technology to have more advantages in CNC machining.


Tirapid manufacturers are able to use the advantages of CNC machining to solve manufacturing challenges in multiple materials. But the problem of machining high-strength metals and thermosetting plastics is still a crucial challenge for CNC machining. Therefore, there is a trade-off in materials when considering CNC technology.

Quantity Production

CNC is not usually an option for manufacturers going into high-volume production. For high-volume manufacturing, die-casting technology is more cost-effective than CNC. But for actual business, you can consult Tirapid experts for professional advice.

Under the analysis of the advantages of CNC machining, no one can not be amazed by the ability of CNC. And by the above shortcoming, exempt from the same problem in the numerical control business. Tirapid experts suggest that enterprises choose the appropriate processing method after considering the above information. At this point, you can contact Tirapid to provide you with a detailed processing plan.


What Do You Know About CNC Machine And Traditional Machine

Next, we will introduce the content of CNC machine tools and traditional machine tools to obtain valuable information for your CNC machining business.

How much do you know about traditional machine tools? At first, conventional machine tools had nothing to do with computers. Although it is also numerically controlled, it is called an NC machine tool.

In terms of operation, it is different from a CNC machine. NC machine tools instead transmit instructions to the machine via physical tape or punch holes to handle manufacturing requirements. When necessary, engineers are still required to perform manual operations for manufacturing and processing.

How much do you know about CNC machine tools? It is a physical device that is subject to the programming tasks of the numerical control system and serves for manufacturing.In the operation process, an automatic operation is the primary way to reduce human intervention.

Today, we cannot deny that CNC machine tools have become one of the choices for most manufacturing due to their incomparable advantages. But in the face of different groups and conditions, traditional machine tools are still one of the options they consider. To learn more about the machine tool, continue reading this blog post from Tirapid on the advantages of CNC machining.

Limitations And Advantages Of CNC Machining Machine Over Conventional Machine


The advantages of CNC machining can create extraordinary miracles for manufacturers. However, traditional machine tools have unique advantages and have not yet withdrawn from the market. What’s the reason for this?

The following is an analysis of the content of the limitations and advantages of CNC machining machine tools compared to traditional machine tools:


Advantages Of CNC Machine

  1. Independent manufacturing As high-tech equipment that can manufacture products 24 hours a day, CNC machine tools do not require on-site operation and on-duty personnel.
  2. Excellent surface finish. CNC machine tools create a standard surface finish for workpieces through precise operations. While traditional machine tools use manual grinding or polishing, the requirement for a high surface finish is challenging.
  3. Exceeding the expected level of accuracy. With the assistance of feedback systems and CAD/CAM software, CNC machine tools can produce workpieces with a precision exceeding expectations.
  4. No need for excessive human power. CNC machine tools can automatically make adjustments through feedback systems and data information. In this case, there is no need for personnel to intervene in the manufacturing process, which reduces labor costs.

Drawbacks Of CNC Machine

  1. Operates on motor and power. In case of electrical failure or motor damage, the production plan cannot continue.
  2. Generate high maintenance costs. To ensure that the daily maintenance of CNC machine tools is effective, professional maintenance engineers will cause additional labor costs. When the parts of the machine tool are lost, the process of customization or installation is also an unavoidable cost.

The Disadvantages And Advantages Of CNC Machining Machine Tools

In addition to discussing the advantages of CNC machining in this blog post, Tirapid also shows you the advantages and disadvantages of the following CNC machine tools.

CNC Milling Machine


CNC milling machines have multi-functional processing conditions. And it allows simultaneous multi-type (such as engraving, tapping, drilling) and multi-axis (3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis) processing operations.


The capabilities of CNC machines can crush many devices to create the best results for manufacturing. Therefore, it is reasonable that its cost is more expensive than traditional machine tools or even other machine tools.For groups with insufficient budgets, choosing conventional machine tools or other methods will reduce the cost of processing.



Generally, CNC lathes are one of the best choices for manufacturing tube or rod-shaped processed products. It provides various types of lathes (such as vertical, centering, and horizontal) for customer groups.


The manufacturing shape of the CNC lathe has more specific targeting conditions.For processing requirements of other shapes, its manufacturing effect may not have the advantages of other machine tools.

Plasma CNC Machine


CNC plasma cutting machine can control the cutting operation of metal sheets of different thicknesses. CNC plasma cutting machine tools also have the unique advantages of CNC machining large-scale workpieces.


Compared with traditional machine tools, CNC plasma cutting is prone to thermal reactions when processing plastic materials. Therefore, when CNC machining plastic materials, you should consider machine tools that can cope with thermal reactions.

Laser CNC Machine


CNC laser cutting machines cut different metal or plastic materials with minimal material consumption. And create clean cuts with fast cutting speeds.


Compared with traditional cutting machine tools, CNC laser cutting machines have no advantages in cutting thickness. And it is easy to cause safety problems on the issue of lasers.

Tirapid presents the disadvantages and advantages of CNC machining machines. Through the above information analysis, I believe you can have a preliminary judgment on many types of machine tools. And help you make decisions when comparing CNC machines to conventional machines and others.



Choose Tirapid CNC Services


The Tirapid CNC platform has comprehensive services, including CNC 5-axis cutting technology, milling, turning, rapid sheet metal, prototyping, and other projects.

More than 800000 cases have been served by Tirapid, including companies of different industries and sizes from Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Facing CNC, they used to have diverse doubts and concerns.

But the Tirapid CNC platform analyzes the shortcomings and advantages of CNC machining for customers. And providing the most affordable and effective solutions has won the customer’s business entrustment and affirmation.

If you have new ideas now, welcome to contact Tirapid. You will experience the advantages of CNC machining and Tirapid engineers will add a competitive edge to your CNC projects !


No matter what capacity you want to learn about CNC manufacturing, starting with understanding the advantages of CNC machining is the right direction of thought.

As the leader, you can know whether it can create opportunities for your projects and the most effective manufacturing. As a beginner, the process of information and operation is more handy.Therefore, no matter from which point of view, Tirapid’s blog post on the advantages of CNC machining can help you beyond your imagination.

The advantages of CNC machining don’t just keep your project running smoothly. Manufacturing through numerical control is a process that continuously pushes the industry forward. Contact Tirapid experts online, let professional CNC technology break through the current manufacturing bottleneck, and meet your needs with the best product manufacturing.




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