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Oline CNC Machining China Services

CNC Machining China services, Tirapid has 15 years of project service experience.  extensive machining services including CNC milling, turning, 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machining, lathe service, and prototyping services. The above services are all within our professional scope.

We aim to create precise parts that meet your project requirements, provide you with online and offline parallel services, and meet your customization requirements.

Capability of CNC Machining China Services

CNC Milling

CNC milling is capable of multi-angle cutting and drilling technology services. For this kind of processing, the technicians set the cutting program of the milling machine tool, and then the milling tool cuts quickly on the workpiece until the workpiece is processed.

CNC Turning

CNC turning machining is a processing method that removes excess material through the high-speed operation of the tool. It can usually process round, cylindrical, threaded, and various shapes of dimensions and parts.

 5axis CNC 

The 5-Axis CNC machining linkage bearing rotates 360 degrees, and the tool is processed by multiple surfaces, which can process complex and precise parts. The processed parts are more flexible and can reduce time and labor costs.

Rapid Prototyping

An economical and affordable custom part can be obtained within 24 hours through rapid prototyping, effectively testing the product for form, fit, and function. Prototyping service is a vital step before mass production.


Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping

Rapid sheet metal prototyping Using a variety of techniques and machines to process sheet metal, rapid sheet metal prototyping processing is ideal for low-volume production to get cheap parts quickly.

3-axis CNC Machining

3-axis CNC precision linkage means that the tool moves from top to bottom and from left to right. The 3-axis can process 6 surfaces but each surface needs to be re-fixed for processing. Best suited for 3-axis machining are drilling, face milling, and threaded holes.

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Why Chose Us for CNC Machining Services

  • One-to-one service
  • Advanced equipment
  • Experienced technical team
  • Quick response within 4 hours
  • Cheap cnc machining service
  • 1 to 10,000 pieces on demand
  • Strict tolerance ±0.02mm
  • Cheap cnc machining service

Advantage Of CNC Machining Services in China

Reduced costs: Computer control reduces the risk of human error and reduces time costs.

Flexibility: On-demand customization can be realized from 1-10,000 pieces.

High efficiency: Computer control can produce repeatedly, which is more efficient than traditional production.

Versatility: The complexity of parts and the types of materials are more inclusive.

Surface Finishing Options


Material for CNC Machining China

Aluminum CNC Machining

Aluminum is easy to process and is suitable for various types of CNC machining, Tirapid provides you with CNC aluminum online service. Common grades for aluminum2024,3003,5052,6061,7075.

stainless steel components-Tirapid
Stainless Steel CNC Machining

Stainless steel has a perfect surface finish, and stainless steel is a commonly used processing material in the machining industry. Common grades for Stainless steel are 201,304,316,430,410.

Steel CNC Machining

Steel has high hardness and is one of the commonly used materials for machining. We often use precision machining, welding, and other methods for processing. Common steel grades are 1018, 1045, M2, S7, and S235JR.

Titanium CNC Machining

Titanium is stronger and lighter than other metals and has excellent anti-corrosion properties. It is more difficult to process, and titanium is usually processed by down milling technology.Common grades for titanium TiCl4,Ti-6Al-7Nb,6Al2Sn,Sn5Zr1Mo,1M1315,5Al2.5Sn.


Copper CNC Machining

Copper has excellent electrical conductivity, is soft and easy to process, and has excellent anti-corrosion properties. Common copper grades are C101 and C110.

Plastic CNC Machining

Tirapid provides CNC machining of plastics, commonly used plastic materials are PEEK, PVC, ABS, PTEF, POM, Acrylic, and more.

What do you offer in CNC machining services?

Tirapid has been committed to providing customers with versatile and professional services, including CNC 5-axis technology, milling, turning, and surface treatment according to actual conditions. Our professionals will provide technical advice and corresponding guidance for your project.

How long I can receive a quote?

CNC shop’s online service, Respond to your inquiry within four hours.


Can you give me a quotation without the cad data and material requirements?

Can not give you a quotation without reference to drawings, data, and materials. There are huge differences in precision tolerances and material prices.

How long is your lead time?

Tirapid supply machined parts online, Usually it takes from 3 to 7 days, depending on the complexity and quantity of the part.

Case Of CNC Machined Component

  • bearing-parts-Tirapid
    Small Batch Production of Mechanical Steel Components
  • car-parts-gear-shift-handle-Tirapid
    Customizable Car Gear Shift Handle Parts
  • Rapid-Prototyping-cnc-stee-parts-Tirapid
    Customized Metal Parts
  • CNC-parts-Anodize-Aluminum-tirapid
    SurfaceTreated Parts
  • 5-axis-machining-tirapid
    High-Precision Custom Aluminum Parts
  • Machined-Enclosures-tirapid
    Plastic Machining of Consumer Electronics battery case

Tirapid is Your CNC Machining Service Partner in China.

Tirapid team has helped many partners expand their business and increase production. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote for your project!

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