Analyze the Classification and Application of CNC Machine

In the era when CNC machine tools have made great changes in the development of the industry, many people may still be unfamiliar with the application of CNC machine tools. Excellent manufacturing capacity is also a crucial advantage different from traditional machines.

The ingenious combination of CNC technology and machine tools makes manufacturing more efficient with half the effort. But about the application of CNC machine tools, many people have not realized the extensive service capabilities it has.

So, can you understand what a CNC machine tool is? The main task of the CNC machine tool is to send out the computer language according to the programming in order to deal with the application of the CNC machine tool.

This blog post takes the application of CNC machine tools as the theme and tells you about its application classification and application industry. Of course, Tirapid also touches on how to choose the right CNC machine for a manufacturing project in this blog post.


Types of Applications for CNC Machines

The application classification of CNC machine tools is inseparable from the company’s consideration of other aspects such as its style and function. Presented below are typical machine tool categories along with their areas of strength and pitfalls:

Milling Machine

Faced with difficult and complex design and processing, most companies will not miss the challenge of choosing a CNC milling machine.

Among the many CNC machine tools, the manufacturing capability of CNC machine tools can be called an excellent representative.

Because companies don’t want to miss out on the high-precision advantages that CNC milling machines bring to manufacturing. It is worth noting that the processing cost of CNC milling machines does not have an advantage in mass-produced projects.

It is worth noting that the processing cost of CNC milling machines does not have an advantage in mass-produced projects. Instead, opting for low-volume or prototyping can be cost-effective.

CNC Lathe

Unlike other CNC milling machines, CNC lathes use rotary operations for manufacturing purposes. Bar stock operations such as shafts, rods, and tubes are what CNC lathes excel at. And in the process, it is processed efficiently by continuously feeding material.

However, CNC lathes are not suitable for manufacturing tasks of non-circular shapes. Therefore, in CNC machining, enterprises need to conduct a detailed analysis of manufacturing requirements.

CNC Plasma Cutter

The plasma cutter cuts at 500 inches per minute and requires no heat for fast results. It also has operational advantages in dealing with sheet metal with high thickness specifications (typically up to 5 inches in thickness).

Therefore, in terms of processing plates, CNC plasma cutting machines show that the application of CNC machine tools can involve many industries and fields. It includes housings, metal signs, control panels, and more in the automotive industry.

However, it will generate a lot of heat during operation, and it does not have an ideal processing effect on limited thin metal plates. And it is limited to the manufacture or processing of conductive metallic materials.

CNC Laser Cutter

In the application of CNC machine tools, CNC laser cutting machines have won the favor of most enterprises for their clean processing surface. Among other things, it can solve the problem of thermal reaction by cutting without touching the material.

Therefore, it is one of the most commonly used machine tools in the plastic products industry.

CNC lasers are a good choice in most cases. But Tirapid experts still recommend that when choosing a laser cutting machine to process plastic materials, prevent events that may produce harmful gases in advance.


Under the operation of the CNC system, the CNC EDM machine generates sparks through graphite solid motors to process machining operations. Its applications include precision gears, guide rails, shafts, etc.

In the application of CNC machine tools, CNC EDM has the same restrictions as plasma cutting machines. Conductive materials are machinable materials.

It is worth noting that the processing speed of the material by the electric discharge machine is slow. Therefore there is no advantage in the face of challenges with urgent deliveries.

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

Among the CNC machine tools that challenge ultra-thin materials, the cutting volume of the CNC water jet is powerful. It provides a safe and heat-free process by cutting the material with high-pressure water jets (and also water jets with abrasives).

In the application of CNC machine tools, CNC water jet cutting machines can produce excellent surface finish for CNC projects in different industries.

But considering the processing time, a CNC water jet cutting machine is not the best choice for urgent delivery.

CNC Grinding Machine

Grinding machines are similar to CNC lathes and CNC drilling machines in that they specialize in certain machining tasks.The difference is that it uses a grinding wheel as the material removal tool.

CNC grinding machines can become one of the outstanding representatives of batch processing with uninterrupted working methods.

However, the operation of the grinder is noisy, so appropriate wearing measures are required.

CNC Drilling Machine

Drilling machine has a specific manufacturing space among numerous CNC machine tools. It mainly uses drill tools to deal with the task of drilling holes. Generally, typical CNC drilling machines are of rocker type, vertical type, and multi-axis type.

Therefore, for the drilling task, you can refer to the engineer’s suggestion to choose the appropriate drilling machine. The professional level of the CNC drilling machine also means that the processing cost will be higher than that of the traditional drilling machine.

The above analysis of the application of CNC machine tools in the industry plays a key role in the progress of CNC projects. Although some classic application examples are listed, there are many more in real life.

We believe that analyzing the application of CNC machine tools in different industries or fields, it is enough to prove the importance of CNC machine tools for you.CNC-milling-service-tirapid

Choose the Most Suitable Machine for You

The application of CNC machine tools needs to consider multiple factors to ensure that it can meet the needs of industries and fields for a long time. Here are a few aspects of how to choose the right machine tool:

1. Application conditions of CNC machine tools. For example, important things to refer to in terms of manufacturing requirements. Such as processing size, shape, output, delivery date, quality, precision, etc.

The application conditions of this kind of CNC machine tool are analyzed according to details and multi-level angles, which is beneficial for your machine tool to help you carry out every processing task.

2. Budget planning. Budget is one of the prerequisites for choosing the right machine tool. The application of CNC machine tools requires planning with reference to the budget. Because depending on the size of the company or the conditions of processing, its budget will be different.

To improve the efficiency of manufacturing and obtain standard parts for CNC business, enterprises must select suitable and cost-effective CNC machine tools.

3. The scalability of CNC machine tools. In the case of continuous development of enterprises, their manufacturing and processing needs will show an upgrade and growth model. Therefore, in the application of CNC machine tools, enterprises need to consider whether they can have scalability to meet the conditions of long-term development of production and manufacturing.

4 . Work with a professional team. Selecting the right machine tool is an important decision that involves whether subsequent manufacturing follows the intended plan. It is a correct choice to hand over the selected problems to engineers with professional skills.

According to the manufacturing situation of the enterprise, choose the appropriate CNC machine tool to be responsible for the final result. The Tirapid CNC manufacturing platform can provide each enterprise with the most favorable option with exclusive professional services.

Application of CNC Machine In Industry

Automobile industry

From the perspective of manufacturers, CNC machine tools are the most normal choice as the main equipment for manufacturing auto parts. CNC machine tools can manufacture parts that meet the ISO9001 standard on the premise of being compatible with the car model.

Generally, the application of CNC machine tools in the automotive industry includes racing gear shift knobs, pistons, and automotive chassis.

Jewelry Design Industry

Jewelers focus on whether the design of jewelry meets the customization requirements expected by customers. In the application of CNC machine tools, jewelry designers will choose different CNC machine tools as one of the best choices for customized products.

Usually, professional engineers choose the most suitable CNC machine equipment to handle the design tasks of cutting, engraving, and drilling in jewelry. For example, use a CNC 5-axis to deal with exquisite diamond cutting or CNC laser cutting machine to create unique engravings.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is a fundamental stage of development in every industry and field. The engineer clarifies the details of the repair through the feedback mechanism of the CNC machine tool.

Moreover, CNC machine tools can exert short-term and high-efficiency modification efficiency in the application of prototype design, saving time for early market promotion. It can be seen that the application of CNC machine tools in prototyping has many advantages.


One of the criteria for manufacturing marine parts is corrosion resistance. CNC machine tools have advantages in cutting corrosion-resistant materials with high strength.

Usually, the application of CNC machine tools in the shipbuilding industry includes propellers, bulkheads, and couplings.

Aerospace Field

It is well known that aerospace has strict standard requirements for the accuracy of parts. However, it is difficult for traditional machine tools to surpass or even keep up with the manufacturing capabilities of CNC machine tools in terms of precision.

CNC machine tools meet the manufacturing conditions in this field by manufacturing high-precision parts with an absolute matching degree. Generally speaking, the application of CNC machine tools in the aerospace field include sensors, fuel pumps, oil cylinders, connectors, etc.

Sports Equipment

Many people don’t realize what are the applications of CNC machine tools in sports equipment. Generally speaking, the ability of CNC machine tools to process complex mechanical parts is more than enough to deal with sports equipment with relatively simple structures.

Some applications of CNC machine tools in sports equipment include golf clubs, rackets, archery stands, etc.

Sculpture Art

When it comes to the application of CNC machine tools in sculpture art, many people may think that its application group is not as large as that of mechanical manufacturing.

It is undeniable that sculpture enthusiasts can cope with precise engraving through the precision cutting of CNC machine tools. Compared with manual engraving, CNC machine tools can undertake repeated modification without laborious operations.

Consumer Goods

Many people’s reactions to the application of CNC machine tools only stay in the automotive or construction industries. Most consumer goods industries are willing to invest in the application of CNC machine tools in manufacturing.

Because of the strict tolerances and unattended advantages of CNC machine tool manufacturing, it can save a lot of production costs. Usually, the application of CNC machine tools in the consumer goods industry includes mobile phone accessories, computer parts, air conditioners, audio, and so on.

Medical Instruments

The application function of cnc machine tools in medical equipment is beyond the imagination of many people. Cnc machine tools can ensure that medical device parts are by industry standards and predetermined accuracy.

Examples include endoscope housings, prosthetic supports, screws, surgical files, and infusion pumps.

Robot Manufacturing

Robotic manufacturing is a sign that technology is heading into the future. The application of CNC machine tools in robot manufacturing is mainly to manufacture related components and parts.

Keeping a record of innovations and iterations through the use of CNC machine tools facilitates the ability to upgrade robotic devices. Generally, the application parts of CNC machine tools in robot manufacturing are gears, nuts, springs, etc.

Musical Instrument Parts

The standardized manufacture of instruments ensures that the sound quality is up to standard. Some music lovers use CNC machines to create custom parts for replacements.

The application of CNC machine tools in musical instrument parts includes mouthpieces, piano heads, drum shells, fingerboards, etc. Tirapid has handled the task of manufacturing musical instrument parts using CNC machines for many customers.

If you need to replace musical instrument parts, welcome to consult online.

Outdoor Equipment

Manufacturing outdoor gear is a simple task compared to a CNC machine tool capable of handling aerospace or auto parts.

For outdoor enthusiasts, CNC machine tools can manufacture fishing hooks, tent poles, portable engine casings, lighting flashlight casings, and other outdoor products for them.

Machinery Industry

Specialists in the mechanical industry have one of the greatest exposure to the applications of CNC machine tools.Using the multi-functional manufacturing of CNC machine tools, the number of applications of CNC machine tools in the machinery industry is incalculable.

It includes control panels, interface components, electrical enclosures, sprockets, springs, bolts, seals, bushings, and brakes.

Industrial Equipment

The components of industrial equipment can be accurately matched with the original equipment through the manufacture of CNC machine tools to maintain production operations.

Generally, industrial parts manufactured by CNC machine tools include bearings, control valves, pulleys, etc.

Agricultural Machinery

The application of CNC machine tools in agricultural machinery can ensure good operation during the farming process. And make it able to cope with the harsh environment of farming and prolong the service life.

The application of agricultural machinery in CNC machine tools includes harvester casings, cultivator gears, seeders, tractors, etc.

Energy Industry

The future of the energy industry is bright. Among them, the maintenance and replacement of energy equipment parts are related to the actual development.

For example, the manufacture of solar equipment requires high-strength materials that can withstand high temperatures. And the energy industry has enough advantages in using CNC machine tools to handle the difficulties in materials.

Typical applications of CNC machine tools in the energy industry include turbine blades, heat exchange plates, and gas turbines.

Electronic Parts

The manufacture of electronic products often requires CNC machine tools for precision manufacturing. Generally, the application of electronic parts in CNC machine tools includes radiators, pressure sensors, circuit boards, battery manufacturing, etc.

Furniture Industry

Furniture design and manufacture can reflect personal style preferences. Customers with design ideas usually choose CNC machine tools to meet different style needs.

The application of CNC machine tools in the furniture industry includes drawer slides, bed frames, cabinet doors, etc.

Communications Industry

The development and change of communication has built a bridge for information exchange and sharing between people. Communication components can create more possibilities for the dissemination of information through the manufacture of CNC machine tools.

Among them, the application of the communication industry in CNC machine tools includes GPS navigation components, adapters, waveguide components, fiber optic connectors, etc.

Mining And Oil Industry

The extraction of quarry and oil is related to the development of the country. The equipment and parts created by CNC machine tools can ensure the safe operation of mining operations.

Typically, the application components that use CNC machine tools in the mining and petroleum industry include mining drill bits, drill collars, pump casings, gearbox torques, etc.

Food Processing Industry

Parts and equipment in food processing allow specific materials to be manufactured or processed by CNC machines. Such as metal materials such as titanium, brass, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Food equipment designed by CNC experts can meet industry standards for safety. Usually, the applications of CNC machine tools in the food processing industry are dinner plates, meat slicer accessories, mixers, etc.

Plastic Products Industry

There are countless products made of plastic products using CNC machine tools. Among them, the application of CNC machine tools in plastic products includes plastic toys, plastic shells,  plastic seals, knobs, etc.

The manufacture of CNC machine tools can ensure the error-free production of plastic products.


The above is the entire content of the application blog post about CNC machine tools. The application of CNC machine tools means that the development of technology can effectively and widely serve the needs of each diverse project.

Through the development of technology, the application fields and industries of CNC machine tools will continue to be explored and expanded in the future.

Enterprises understand the application content of CNC machine tools and can have a better understanding and grasp of CNC business. It is of great significance for the optimization and upgrading of enterprises and the development of new directions.

Moreover, for projects with CNC manufacturing needs, it is every enterprise’s expectation to strive for the most cost-effective and service-capable CNC machine tools.

And Tirapid can start from the actual needs of customers and provide sufficient machine tool resources to serve every customer who sends us a request online.

Please contact the Tirapid CNC team to create a worry-free cooperation experience and implement your CNC plan 100% perfectly.


How much does a CNC machine tool cost?

CNC machines are available in the market with prices ranging from $3,000 and up. Requirements such as the brand or manufacturing accuracy of CNC machine tools will affect the final cost budget.

Of course, compared with new machine tools, second-hand CNC machine tools will have more discounts in price. You can contact your local machine tool suppliers for the latest machine tool prices.

How thick can CNC machine cut?

Generally, CNC machines can accept sheet thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 50 mm. However, different materials and machine tools can accept different maximum cutting thicknesses.

Therefore, Tirapid experts recommend relying on the professional advice of experts when using machine tools for cutting operations.

Can CNC machine tools cut metal?

To this question, Tirapid’s answer is yes. The application of CNC machine tools is visible in challenging the capabilities of metallic materials.

Among them, the metal materials that can be manufactured or processed by CNC machine tools include aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, etc.

How does the CNC machine tool work in the CNC business?

The working principle of CNC machine tools is that G code plays the role of computer language. A series of automated operations can be handled by G code commands.

These include automatic control of when the CNC machine starts working, how it cuts, and/or when it stops.

Is it difficult to carry out CNC machine tools for my business?

This question is enough to prove the coping ability of CNC machine tools from this article about the application of CNC machine tools. Although the operation of the CNC machine needs to be analyzed according to your project.

And let’s not forget about the incredible capabilities of CNC machine tools in manufacturing. Therefore, please give the CNC machine tool enough confidence in this aspect. If you still have concerns about this aspect, you can consult Tirapid to solve your CNC problems.

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