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We provide you with a variety of customized CNC motorcycle parts, from simple to complex, from one piece to batch, all can be satisfied.

Your Most Trusted CNC Motorcycle Parts Supplier

Tirapid, as the leader of CNC motorcycle parts manufacturer in China, we are proficient in various processing technologies. Can provide you with CNC milling, turning, 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis, precision micromachining, and various supporting services, such as surface treatment, grinding, polishing, engraving, and so on.


Tirapid has passed the ISO9001 certification. We provide consistent high-standard motorcycle parts customization services. A dedicated person follows up on each processing step. All products have undergone strict quality testing by QA and QC before leaving the factory.

We have established cooperative relationships with many material suppliers, so we have more cost advantages in terms of price. In the processing industry, we have decades of CNC processing experience and rich project experience and can provide technical support and suggestions for your project to make your project go smoothly.


Custom machining can personalize your car and improve its performance. At the same time, the vehicle also represents the owner’s personal taste, showing a unique style and making you stand out from the crowd of  “knights”.

Types of CNC Motorcycle Parts

As we know, motorcycle parts are not universal. Different brands and models of motorcycles have exclusive motorcycle accessories. The following cases are motorcycle parts manufacturing projects that we can provide.


Tirapid offers you with customized motorcycle oil filler cap, and the minimum tolerance can reach +-0.01. The customized oil cap fits better with the body, which not only improves the sealing performance but also prevents fuel from evaporating. Effective fuel tank caps ensure fuel quality and cleanliness and reduce exhaust emissions.


Custom preload adjusters can be individually tailored based on individual weight, riding style, preferences, and bike make and model. elevate motorcycle performance and aesthetics, optimizing the fork’s response to bumps, corners, and various road or trail conditions. Ensure that the wheels maintain good contact with the road surface to achieve safer driving.


Tirapid provides motorcycle clutch cover customization service, materials include aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, PC, and other options. Through CNC turning, milling, forging, and other technologies, various styles and compatible transparent clutch covers are manufactured and provide protection for your motorcycle clutch system. Custom colors through surface treatments add a visual and aesthetic element to your motorcycle.


Tirapid provides you with Customized lug nuts that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Tailoring a lug nut to your motorcycle’s specifications offers a solution that precisely caters to your requirements. Functionally, they rectify misaligned wheels, while on the aesthetic front, they become a stylish lug nut option that can be personalized according to your preferences.

Custom Brake Lever for Motorcycle

Brake levers can be customized to suit a rider’s hand size, grip strength, and personal preference. Fine-tune the distance between handlebars and grips for an enhanced, comfortable, and controlled braking experience. A variety of materials can be options, such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, etc.

Custom Triple Clamps

Tirapid can provide you with CNC-machined steel and aluminum triple clamps with tolerances down to +/-0.005 mm. Our custom range includes High-Performance CNC Racing Adjustable Offset Triple Clamps, Adjustable Triple Clamps, and Colored Triple Clamps. Color, logo, and engraving pattern can be customized according to personal preference.

Custom CNC Footpegs

Precision CNC machined footpegs for more accurate dimensions. Constructed of strong aluminum and steel, it’s designed to overcome the challenges of the road. Intricately textured, serrated, or grooved, the footpeg surface can be individually tailored to fit snugly to the rider’s boot and reduce vibration. Experience an unparalleled riding experience with Tirapid’s professionally designed pedals. Upgrade now for a superior riding experience.

Custom Motorcycle Handlebar Rrisers

Tirapid has established cooperative relations with many well-known motorcycle brands, such as Ducati, BMW, YAMAHA, KTM, and so on. Tirapid supplies various motorcycle handlebar risers. We can customize the size, color, and material according to your needs. Customized to reduce stress on wrists, shoulders, and back. This is a relatively quick and effective way to optimize your riding experience.

Custom Water Pump Protection

The CNC machining water pump protector has high precision, and the surface can reach a rough precision of 0.8~3.2um Ra, which is seamlessly integrated with your motorcycle water pump shell. Tirapid can customize the water pump protector according to your motorcycle model and design requirements to meet your specific needs.

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Why Choose Tirapid CNC Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer

Tirapid is an expert in cnc machined motorcycle parts, and our processed parts are exported to Europe and America. We have a full range of material suppliers to meet your customization needs for different materials, and we provide wholesale cnc motorcycle parts, Cutting out the price given by the middleman will be more affordable.

Our cnc motorcycle parts are processed with the latest technology and can be customized according to different brands and models of motorcycles. The quality is consistent from 1-1000 pieces, Please don’t miss out on choosing Tirapid to manufacture custom CNC motorcycle parts for you, we will provide the most competitive quotation for your products.


Advantages Of CNC Motorcycle Parts

Customized on demand, more flexible

Made of high-quality metal, durable.

CNC machining has high precision and the surface roughness is 1.6Ra

Follow industry standards for producing motorcycle parts (such as ISO 9001)

Do not limit the scope of customized business (such as customized large batches, or small batches)

Customized CNC motorcycle parts service, highlighting diversified styles and unique design tastes.

Tailored to be more ergonomic, reduce driver fatigue, and improve overall riding pleasure.

All materials and grades required for custom motorcycle parts are available (such as aluminum, steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper, alloy metal, plastic, etc….)

Surface Finish Processing




laser mark

Case Harden

Oxide Coating



Electroless Nickel Plating

CNC Motorcycle Parts Processing Technology



CNC milling

CNC turning


laser cutting


Small batch service

Sheet metal processing

Precision Machining

Applicable Models Of CNC Motorcycle Parts

Sport Motorcycle

Tirapid provides you with aluminum sport motorcycle parts for sport motorcycles, AS CNC racing clear clutch covers,cnc racing parts USA and Europe.

Aluminum is an excellent metal component that is durable, strong, and malleable. CNC-machined aluminum parts are high precision, enabling mass production with consistent quality and minimum tolerances of +/-0.002.

Touring Motorcycle

Tirapid brings you custom CNC machined motorcycle performance parts cast touring motorcycle billet motorcycle parts and cnc racing fuel cap parts. Steel materials are less expensive than aluminum and steel parts last longer. Through tailor-made motorcycle parts to adjust the deficiencies of the body, to provide the owner with a better riding journey.


ADV Motorcycle

Titanium is known for its excellent hardness, fatigue resistance and impact resistance, and is widely used in ADV motorcycle parts. Tirapid provides you with prototype manufacturing, through which the drawings can be realized quickly, and your prototype titanium parts will be received within 7-12 days.

Mini Motorcycle

Tirapid is an expert in stainless steel machining, We provide you with motorcycle stainless steel parts manufacturing and design assistance. Tailor-made according to your car model and size. Create unique, mini motorcycle accessories for you.

Applicable Motorcycles






MV Agusta

BMW Motorrad

Tirapid is Your CNC Motorcycle Parts Supplier in China.

Tirapid team has helped many partners expand their business and increase production. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote for your project!

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