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Manufacturing Capability and Technology

Tolerance: +/-0.3mm

Production time: 3-7 days

Production size: custom size

Custom Quantity: 1 piece and above for mass production

Customized color: silver, red, gray, blue, black, etc.

Technology: welding, CNC machining (CNC milling or CNC turning), sheet metal bending, cutting, etc.

Surface treatment: labeling, wire drawing, electroplating, polishing, painting, painting, deburring, powder coating, etc. (supports LOGO customization)

Features Of Stainless Steel Water Tank

Stainless steel tanks as containers, Tirapid supports different tank designs. It has diverse effects through diverse storage objects.

For example, stainless steel water tanks for water storage can solve problems such as agricultural irrigation, residential drinking water, and industrial applications.

The stainless steel texture prevents rust and can be used indoors and outdoors for a long time. And with the characteristics of easy cleaning and disinfection, it can deal with harsh environmental conditions.

Choose Tirapid Stainless Steel Tank Fabrication

Tirapid takes ISO 9001 certification as the manufacturing standard to create safe and high-quality stainless steel tanks for customers.

Through customer-specific order conditions of stainless steel tank size, capacity, and manufacturing technology,  diverse application requirements can be met.

If you have plans for custom stainless steel tanks, please feel free to contact Tirapid. We will solve your manufacturing troubles according to the drawing files (support STP, STEP, CAD, PDF format) to create a series of stainless steel tanks.


Stainless Steel Tank Material And Shipping&Packaging Requirements

Material Of Stainless Steel Tank

Tirapid supports stainless steel 304, stainless steel 304L, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 316L

The above materials Tirapid will provide the best quality materials and suggestions for material selection according to your actual situation.


Shipping And Packaging Requirements

Shipping time: within 3-7 days

Packaging requirements: ordinary and custom packaging (the total number of custom packaging must be more than 500 pieces)

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